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KCF@80 Programme_Final

All talks will be 20 minutes + 5 minutes for questions.

Monday 19 September
Start time Welcome Wine Event
17:00 – 19:00 Lamont’s Bishops House – https://lamonts.com.au/bishops-house/
Tuesday 20 September: 

Theme: The Milky Way and M31

Start time Speaker Title
09:00 Prof. Anna Nowak Acknowledgement of Country and The University of Western Australia opening address
09:20 Peter Quinn Welcome logistics announcements
Session 1 CHAIR: Gary Da Costa
09:30 Joss Bland-Hawthorn The corrugated disc in the Milky Way
09:55 Ana Bonaca Orbital resonances in the Milky Way’s disk and halo revealed by the H3 spectroscopic survey RRLs in GAIA DR3
Session 2 CHAIR: Danail Obreschkow
10:50 Ken Freeman RRLs in GAIA DR3
11:15 Thomas Bensby The definition of the Galactic thick disk
11:40 Sven Buder Chronochemodynamics of Milky Way Stellar Populations with the GALAH Survey
12:05 Rosemary Wyse Implications of the Old, Metal-Rich Milky Way
12:30 LUNCH
Session 3 CHAIR: Joss Bland-Hawthorn
13:30 Jo Ciuca The Great Galactic Dip: investigating the effect of mergers on the observed age-metallicity relation in the Milky Way disc
13:55 Mattias Steinmetz RAVEing with Ken – and unravelling the formation history of the Milky Way
14:20 John Norris The First Stellar Populations and the Astration of Lithium
14:45 Carl Grillmair Extending Globular Cluster Tidal Streams
Session 4 CHAIR: Rosemary Wyse
15:40 Annette Ferguson Galactic Accretion Histories beyond the Milky Way
16:05 Magda Arnaboldi The survey of planetary nebulae in Andromeda (M 31) V. Chemical enrichment of the thin and thicker discs of Andromeda: Oxygen to argon abundance ratios for planetary nebulae and H II regions
16:30 Borja Anguiano The Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph Survey in the Milky Way and Local Group galaxies
16:55 End day 1
Wednesday 21 September

Theme: Physical processes in galaxies and simulations I

Start time Speaker Title
Session 5 CHAIR: Joss Bland-Hawthorn
09:00 Anna Frebel Characterization of the metal-poor ATARI disk of the Milky Way
09:50 Elisabete da Cunha Galaxy physical parameters from spectral modelling: recent successes and future challenges
Session 6 CHAIR: Magda Arnaboldi
10:45 Michael Hayden The Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way
11:10 Ivan Minchev Understanding galactic metallicity gradients
11:35 Matthew Wilkinson Are simulated disk galaxies robust to collisional relaxation?
12:00 Gerhardt Meurer Scaling Relations for HI-Selected Star Forming Galaxies
12:25 LUNCH
Session 7 CHAIR: Claudia Lagos
13:30 Annalisa Pillepich Insights from the MW/M31-like galaxies of the TNG50 simulation
13:55 Diego Sotillo-Ramos The merger and assembly histories of Milky Way- and M31-like galaxies with TNG50: thin disks can survive recent major mergers
14:20 Katy Proctor The Intrahalo light as a probe of galaxy assembly
14:45 Yuan-Sen Ting Galaxy Merger Reconstruction with Equivariant Graph Normalizing Flows
Session 8 CHAIR: Katy Proctor
15:40 Jean Brodie The Origin of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies: Challenging the galaxy formation paradigm
16:05 Martin Bureau Probing the Invisible: Weighing Supermassive Black Holes with ALMA
16:30 Jayanne English Now for something completely different – magnetic fields
16:55 Ray Carlberg Globular Clusters and Dark Matter (sub) Halos
17:20 End day 2
18:45-20:00 Garth Illingworth Public Lecture on JWST @ UWA Club Auditorium

REGISTER HERE – free event, registration essential

Thursday 22 September

Theme: Physical processes in galaxies and simulations II

Session 9 CHAIR: Lister Staveley-Smith
09:00 Ortwin Gerhard The Galactic Bar 
09:25 Robert Benjamin The ISM of the Milky Way Interior to the Bar
09:50 Amelia Fraser-McKelvie All bar none: characterising the effect of bars on their host galaxies
Session 10 CHAIR: Jayanne English
10:45 Mike Fall Formation of galaxies: clues from their angular momenta
11:10 Jennifer Hardwick Understanding angular momentum scaling relations in the local universe
11:35 Lilian Garratt-Smithson An investigation into the dark matter – galaxy angular momentum correlation
12:00 Matthew Colless Spin-filament alignment flips are related to bulge assembly
12:25 LUNCH
Session 11 CHAIR – Lars Hernquist
13:30 Garth Illingworth JWST’s First Insights into Galaxy Formation and Growth
13:55 Aaron Ludlow The challenge of simulating Milky Way-mass galaxies in cosmological volumes
14:20 Claudia Lagos The formation of galaxy disks: what have we learnt from cosmological hydrodynamical simulations?
14:45 Neal Katz Galaxy Formation Simulations: Problems and Answers
Session 12 CHAIR – Anna Frebel
15:40 Danail Obreschkow A Fresh Perspective on the Assembly of Mass
16:05 Kenji Bekki A model for globular cluster formation with multiple stellar populations in the Galaxy
16:30 Lister Staveley-Smith Dark Matter in Galactic Remnants and Dwarf Galaxies
End of Conference
19:00 – Conference Dinner – Matilda Bay Resturant, https://www.matildabayrestaurant.com.au/
Friday 23 September – Free day