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Our seminars are open to the public and are held regularly (generally on Tuesday or Thursday) at both of ICRAR’s nodes. See the calendar below for details on speakers and times.

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Upcoming Seminars

These meetings are recorded for ICRAR members, accessible through your local-Node Teams account. If you miss a seminar at the other ICRAR node, and would like to catch up on the meeting recording, please drop the Node’s seminar organisers an email.

past Seminars

Date First Name Last Name Company Topic
3/02/2022 Jan Eldridge University of Auckland New insights into black hole ecology
1/02/2022 Anna de Graaff Leiden University The Fundamental Plane of massive galaxies: confronting observations with realistic simulations
18/01/2022 Helena Dominguez Sanchez Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) Deep learning algorithms for morphological classification of galaxies
30/11/2021 David Raithel ANU Constraining the rate of type 1 to type 2 changing look AGN
25/11/2021 Anais Moller Swinburne University Fink broker harnessing Rubin time-domain data and beyond
11/11/2021 Alexandra Moroianu UWA Candidate Gravitational Wave Counterpart to a Non-Repeating Fast Radio Burst
4/11/2021 Jeff Cook Swinburne University The Australian-led Keck Wide-Field Imager
4/11/2021 Jacinta Delhaize University of Cape Town Galaxy evolution surveys with MeerKAT: Selected updates from LADUMA and MIGHTEE
28/10/2021 Evelyn Johnston Diego Portales University BUDDI-MaNGA: a statistical spectroscopic study of galaxy bulges and discs
14/10/2021 Eric Koch Harvard University Sharpening our view of the atomic ISM throughout the Local Group
14/10/2021 Michelle Sandford Microsoft Well Connected – Small Steps You can Take to Increase Your Impact
5/10/2021 Jonathan Davies University College London The Galaxy-CGM connection: how the lives of galaxies are shaped by interactions with their host haloes
30/09/2021 Christy Tremonti University of Wisconsin-Madison Probing Star Formation Feedback at its Most Extreme
23/09/2021 Casey DeRoo University of Iowa Baryon Reservoirs and Mechanisms of Feedback: What Can Future Soft X-ray Spectrometers Tell Us?
23/09/2021 Sara Ellison University of Victoria Gas and star formation in the nearby universe with the ALMA-MaNGA QUEnching and STar formation (ALMaQUEST) survey
16/09/2021 Steven Murray Arizona State University Building Confidence in Next-Generation 21cm Cosmology: A Forward-Model Approach
7/09/2021 Filippo Fraternali Kapteyn Institute The fast rotating and not-so-turbulent discs of high-redshift galaxies
26/08/2021 Adam Stevens UWA At the interface of cosmological simulations and galaxy surveys
19/08/2021 Michael Brown Monash University Nearby galaxies in radio continuum with ASKAP
19/08/2021 Ashley Ruiter University of NSW Type Ia supernova subclasses and progenitors
12/08/2021 Nic Ralph Western Sydney University Exploring Space Situational Awareness using Neuromorphic Event-Based Sensors
5/08/2021 Sascha Schediwy ICRAR-UWA Laser interferometry between ground and space
3/08/2021 Kyle Oman Durham University Possible explanations for the diversity of dwarf galaxy rotation curves
27/07/2021 Nissim Kanekar National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Atomic Gas at High Redshifts
24/06/2021 Benito Marcote JIVE Fast Radio Bursts and their local environments unveiled by high-precision localizations
17/06/2021 Catherine Hale Edinburgh University The Rapid ASKAP Continuum Survey (RACS)
10/06/2021 Yuanming Wang University of Sydney Extreme variables found using ASKAP: rapid scintillators with their filamentary screen, and a mystery polarised source towards LMC
8/06/2021 Gauri Sharma SISSA Dark Matter and its structural properties at z~1 ?
3/06/2021 Shi Dai Western Sydney University Searching for pulsars in radio continuum surveys
27/05/2021 Leah Morabito Durham University Zooming in on active galactic nuclei with LOFAR
20/05/2021 Emma Alexander University of Manchester Magnetic fields around radio galaxies with POSSUM
20/05/2021 Pol Gurrie Perez Swinburne University Precision Weak Lensing and the dispersion in the SHMR
13/05/2021 Andrew Hopkins Macquarie University The EMU Survey
4/05/2021 Thales Gutke Max Planck Institute LYRA: Galaxy formation on small scales in a cosmological context
2/05/2021 Yaguang Li University of Sydney Testing the asteroseismic scaling relations
22/04/2021 Kristina Nyland National Research Council Young and Compact Jets in the Era of Multi-epoch Radio Surveys
20/04/2021 Jacinta Delhaize University of Cape Town The MIGHT(EE) of MeerKAT: Giant radio galaxies may be far more common than we thought!
13/04/2021 Mark Lovell Durham University Warm dark matter and sterile neutrinos: a status report
1/04/2021 Tim Shimwell Leiden University The LOFAR surveys
30/03/2021 Francoise Combes Paris Observatory Circumnuclear molecular disks: role in AGN fueling and feedback
25/03/2021 Xiaohui Sun Yunnan University Galactic diffuse polarized emission
16/03/2021 Erik Hog Niels Bohr Institute The road from meridian circles to Gaia and beyond
11/03/2021 Chris Flynn Swinburne University Outfitting UTMOST-2D — Toward host galaxies of FRBs
4/03/2021 Alec Thomson CASS SPICE-RACS: Spectra and Polarization In Cutouts of Extragalactic sources from RACS
18/02/2021 Anshu Gupta Curtin University MOSEL survey: Tackling galaxy formation and evolution using simulations and observations
4/02/2021 Tom Schnepple UWA Can your research be patent protected?
28/01/2021 Rui Luo CSIRO Diverse polarization angle swings from a repeating fast radio burst source
1/12/2020 Annalisa Pillepich MPIA Heidelberg The many diverse manifestations of supermassive black-hole feedback
26/11/2020 Katie Jameson CSIRO An update on gas and star formation in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Insights from the Galactic ASKAP Survey and ALMA
26/11/2020 Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais ESO A journey into the Perseus cluster of galaxies: radio lobes, mini-halo and bent-jet radio galaxies
19/11/2020 Brent Groves UWA The Flows of Gas: Linking galaxy evolution with the amount of gas within galaxies across cosmic time
17/11/2020 Cullen Howlett University of Queensland Testing gravity in the local Universe
12/11/2020 Joe Callingham Leiden University Radio exoplanets and stars at low frequencies
5/11/2020 David Davidson Curtin University Design and simulation of Aperture Arrays for Radio Astronomy: the SKA-LOW telescope
29/10/2020 Mark Kennedy University of Manchester Untangling the spider’s web
22/10/2020 Catherine Fielder University of Pittsburgh A UV to IR Portrait of the Milky Way
20/10/2020 Andrea Merloni Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics New eyes on the X-ray sky: First Results from eROSITA on SRG
15/10/2020 Dorota Bayer Swinburne University Probing the nature of dark matter with galaxy-galaxy strong gravitational lensing
15/10/2020 Alkistis Pourtsidou Queen Mary University of London Insights from 21cm cosmology: theory, simulations, and pathfinder data analysis
13/10/2020 Tim Davis Cardiff University Tracing out the darkness with cold gas: dynamically probing galaxy evolution
8/10/2020 Dominika Wylezalek University of Heidelberg Observational signatures of AGN feedback across cosmic time
6/10/2020 Alis Deason Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University The Edge of the Galactic Halo
24/09/2020 Jose Afonso University of Lisbon Breaking the wall: approaching the earliest radio AGN within the EoR
22/09/2020 Marta Volonteri Institut d’astrophysique de Paris (IAP) Massive black hole binaries in the cosmos
17/09/2020 Tim Galvin ICRAR-Curtin Unsupervised machine learning for host identification and galaxy classification in the SKA era
3/09/2020 Sarah White Rhodes University The GLEAM 4-Jy (G4Jy) Sample: the brightest radio-sources in the southern sky
27/08/2020 Ian Morrison ICRAR-Curtin Starshot: a fly-by mission to Proxima Centauri in your lifetime?
20/08/2020 Sarah Sweet University of Queensland Spatially-resolved galaxy angular momentum linked to galaxy evolution
13/08/2020 Emily Wisnioski ANU The resolved dynamics and metallicity of galaxies across cosmic time
6/08/2020 Dougal Dobie University of Sydney Radio Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events
21/07/2020 Guillaume Drouart ICRAR-Curtin The GLEAMing of the first supermassive black holes
2/07/2020 Martin Bell University of Technology Sydney The time-domain universe as seen by ASKAP and the MWA