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Contact Directory

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Title Last Name First Name Designation Location Email Phone
Dr Anderson Gemma Research Fellow Curtin gemma.anderson@icrar.org 08 9266 3785
Ms Aniruddha Gayatri Project Officer (Data Intensive Astronomy) UWA gayatri.aniruddha@icrar.org
Dr Anwar Omar Research Fellow UWA omar.anwar@icrar.org
Mr Arcus Wayne Student - PhD Curtin wayne.arcus@icrar.org
Mx Armstrong Sixteen Student - PhD UWA benjamin.armstrong@icrar.org 08 6488 1117
Ms Attwater Amy Student - Masters amy.attwater@icrar.org
Dr Bahramian Arash Lecturer Curtin arash.bahramian@icrar.org 08 9266 9174
Dr Barker Kathryn Business Manager, AusSRC UWA kathryn.barker@icrar.org
Professor Bekki Kenji Principal Research Fellow UWA kenji.bekki@icrar.org 08 6488 7730
Dr Bellstedt Sabine Research Fellow UWA sabine.bellstedt@icrar.org 08 6488 7929
Mr Bennett Tavis Student - Masters UWA tavis.bennett@icrar.org
Ms Bennett Alex Student - Masters UWA alex.bennett@icrar.org
Dr Bera Apurba Associate Lecturer Curtin apurba.bera@icrar.org
Dr Bhat Ramesh Senior Research Fellow Curtin ramesh.bhat@curtin.edu.au 08 9266 9176
Mr Bonavita Joseph Student - Masters UWA joseph.bonavita@icrar.org
Mr Booler Tom Director, Engineering Curtin tom.booler@icrar.org 08 9266 9471
Dr Bottrell Connor Forrest Research Foundation Fellow UWA connor.bottrell@uwa.edu.au
Mr Boulton Mark Senior Systems Engineering/IT Manager UWA mark.boulton@icrar.org 08 6488 6744
Mr Bunney Ryan Research Officer UWA ryan.bunney@icrar.org
Mr Burridge Ben PhD Student Curtin benjamin.burridge@icrar.org
Mr Carrivick Julian Software Research Engineer, DIA UWA julian.carrivick@uwa.edu.au
Professor Catinella Barbara Senior Principal Research Fellow UWA barbara.catinella@icrar.org 08 6488 7760
Mr Cavanagh Mitchell Student - PhD UWA mitchell.cavanagh@icrar.org
Mr Chandro Gomez Angel Student - PhD UWA angel.chandrogomez@icrar.org
Mr Chawla Jagdish Student - Masters Curtin jagdish.chawla@icrar.org 0421376384
Ms Chen Fuling Research Associate UWA fuling.chen@icrar.org
Mrs Chico Venus MWA Project Officer/ Technician Curtin venus.chico@icrar.org (08) 92664263
Mr Choung Kevin Senior Research Engineer (SKA) UWA kevin.choung@icrar.org 08 6488 7784
Mr Collier Joshua Student - PhD UWA joshua.collier@icrar.org
Dr Collier Jordan AusSRC Senior Project Scientist Curtin jordan.collier@curtin.edu.au 08 9266 3731
Dr Cook Robin Research Associate UWA robin.cook@icrar.org 08 6488 3819
Dr Cook Jaiden Associate Lecturer Curtin jaiden.cook@icrar.org
Professor Cortese Luca Director, Science (UWA) UWA luca.cortese@icrar.org 08 6488 3663
Mr Crowther Thomas Student - PhD Curtin thomas.crowther@postgrad.curtin.edu.au
Curtis Emily Administrative Support Officer Curtin emily.curtis@icrar.org 08 9266 9899
Ms D'Monte Charlene Manager (Strategic Engagement and Communications) UWA charlene.dmonte@icrar.org 0468 579 311
Mr D'Silva Jordan Student - PhD UWA jordan.d'silva@icrar.org
A/Prof da Cunha Elisabete Principal Research Fellow UWA elisabete.dacunha@icrar.org
Ms Da Gama Jacqueline Finance Manager UWA jacqueline.dagama@icrar.org 08 6488 7737
Mr Darr Sebastian Masters Student UWA sebastian.darr@icrar.org
Professor Davidson David Interim Discipline Lead, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Curtin University Curtin david.davidson@icrar.org 08 9266 7951
Dr Davies Luke Senior Research Fellow UWA luke.davies@icrar.org 08 6488 7750
Mr Dev Ajay Student - PhD UWA ajay.dev@icrar.org +61 432 440450
Dr Devillepoix Hadrien Curtin hadrien.devillepoix@curtin.edu.au
Mr di Pietrantonio Cristian Student - PhD Curtin cristian.dipietrantonio@icrar.org
Dr Dickinson Edwin Research Associate Curtin edwin.dickinson@icrar.org
Dr Dix-Matthews Benjamin Research Associate UWA ben.dix-matthews@icrar.org
Dr Dodson Richard Senior Research Fellow UWA richard.dodson@uwa.edu.au 08 6488 7842
Professor Driver Simon Senior Principal Research Fellow UWA simon.driver@icrar.org 08 6488 7747
Professor Ellingsen Simon Executive Director UWA simon.ellingsen@icrar.org 08 6488 4553
Mr Emrich David Instrument Engineer, site operations Curtin david.emrich@icrar.org 08 9266 9672
Dr For Bi-Qing Senior Research Fellow UWA biqing.for@icrar.org 08 6488 7729
Mr Foster Sam Machine Learning Project Officer UWA sam.foster@icrar.org 0404 751 818
Dr Fraser-McKelvie Amelia Research Associate amelia.fraser-mckelvie@icrar.org
Mr Frosst Matthew Student - PhD UWA matt.frosst@icrar.org
Mr Frost Alex PhD Student UWA alex.frost@icrar.org 0478619520
Mr Fu Shih Ching Student - PhD Curtin shihching.fu@icrar.org
Ms Fuentealba Fuentes Melissa Student - PhD UWA melissa.fuentealbafuentes@icrar.org +61430058485
Ms Garate Nunez Lucia Student - PhD UWA lucia.garatenunez@icrar.org +61481153266
Dr German Gordon Research Engineer, Australian SKA Regional Centre UWA gordon.german@icrar.org
Mr Giersch Philip Technician Curtin phillip.giersch@icrar.org
Dr Glowacki Marcin Research Associate Curtin marcin.glowacki@icrar.org 08 9266 7929
Dr Gluszak Edward Senior Research Engineer (SKA) UWA edward.gluszak@uwa.edu.au
Dr Goodwin Adelle Associate Lecturer Curtin adelle.goodwin@icrar.org
Dr Gozzard David Senior Research Fellow UWA david.gozzard@icrar.org 08 6488 7784
Mr Gravestock Charles Senior Research Engineer UWA charles.gravestock@icrar.org 08 6488 7784
Mr Gray Callan Software Engineer UWA callan.gray@icrar.org 0424662251
Mr Grigg Dylan Student - Masters UWA dylan.grigg@icrar.org
Mr Grover Garvit Student - PhD Curtin garvit.grover@icrar.org +61431517711
Dr Groves Brent Senior Research Fellow (ICRAR/ANU) UWA brent.groves@icrar.org 08 6488 6772
Mr Grundy Joe Student - PhD Curtin joe.grundy@icrar.org 0448952800
Dr Gupta Anshu Research Fellow Curtin anshu.gupta@icrar.org
Mr Hansen Samuel Student - Masters samuel.hansen@icrar.org
Dr Harborne Kate Astro3D Research Associate UWA katherine.harborne@icrar.org 08 6488 7203
Ms Hardwick Jennifer Student - PhD UWA jennifer.hardwick@icrar.org
Mr Haydon Scott Research Intern Curtin scott.haydon@icrar.org 08 9266 7925
Heber Millicent Student - Masters UWA millicent.heber@icrar.org
Mr Hedge AJ Student - PhD Curtin aj.hedge@icrar.org
Ms Henderson Astrid Masters Student UWA astrid.henderson@icrar.org
Mr Hoffmann Jordan Student - PhD Curtin jordan.hoffmann@icrar.org
Ms Holmes Kate Outreach Officer (casual) UWA kate.holmes@icrar.org +61 8 6488 4688
Mr Howes Rob Engineering Project Manager Curtin rob.howes@icrar.org 08 9266 7260
Dr Hurley-Walker Natasha Senior Lecturer Curtin nhw@icrar.org 08 9266 9178
Dr Huynh Minh Adjunct Senior Research Fellow UWA minh.huynh@icrar.org 08 6488 4594
Mr Jaiswar Ravi Student - PhD Curtin ravi.jaiswar@icrar.org
Dr James Clancy Senior Research Fellow Curtin clancy.james@icrar.org 08 9266 9473
Mr Jimenez Esteban Student - PhD UWA esteban.jimenez@icrar.org
Mr Jones Jake Research Assistant Curtin jake.jones@icrar.org 08 9266 9249
Miss Jones Zoe Student - Masters zoe.jones@icrar.org
Mrs Kalimeris Leah Outreach and Education Coordinator UWA leah.kalimeris@uwa.edu.au
Mr Karpathakis Skevos Student - PhD (Former) UWA skevos.karpathakis@icrar.org
Dr Kemp Ian Student - PhD Curtin ian.kemp@icrar.org
Mr Kenney David Project Engineer Curtin david.kenney@icrar.org 08 9266 1906
Kim Shinna PhD Student UWA shinna.kim@icrar.org
Mrs Kingdon Shané Executive Assistant UWA shane.kingdon@icrar.org 08 6488 1549
Mr Kirkby Luke Student - Masters UWA luke.kirkby@icrar.org
Mr kizhakkeparambil Santhosh Sooryajith Student - Masters UWA sooryajith.ks@icrar.org
Dr Kovaleva Maria Associate Lecturer Curtin maria.kovaleva@icrar.org 08 9266 7461
Dr Kriele Mike Research Associate UWA mike.kriele@icrar.org 08 6488 7784
Mr Kumar Kavin PhD Student UWA kavin.kumar@icrar.org
Dr Kumar Pratik Associate Lecturer Curtin pratik.kumar@curtin.edu.au
Dr Lagos Claudia Senior Research Fellow and ASTRO 3D Fellow UWA claudia.lagos@icrar.org 08 6488 3677
Mr Lanter Ferry Research Engineer Curtin ferry.lanter@icrar.org
Ms Lee Seona Student - PhD UWA seona.lee@icrar.org
Mr Lee Christoper Student - PhD Curtin christopher.lee@icrar.org
Dr Lee-Waddell Karen Director (Australian SKA Regional Centre) UWA karen.lee-waddell@icrar.org
Ms Li Jie Student - PhD UWA jie.li@icrar.org 08 6488 3776
Mr Li Juno Student - PhD UWA juno.li@icrar.org 0405306898
Mr Linsten Ben Student - Masters UWA ben.linsten@icrar.org
Mr Luckas Paul SPIRIT Program Manager UWA paul.luckas@icrar.org 08 6488 5548
Dr Ludlow Aaron ARC Future Fellow UWA aaron.ludlow@icrar.org 08 6488 3501
Mr Malik Faisal Program Manager (Senior Agile) UWA faisal.malik@icrar.org
Ms Mantovanini Silvia Student - PhD Curtin silvia.mantovanini@icrar.org
Mr Maragkakis Nikolaos Student - PhD UWA nikolaos.maragkakis@icrar.org
Maron Nicolas Senior Research Officer (TeraNet Project) UWA nicolas.maron@icrar.org
Mr McCann Ayden Student - PhD UWA ayden.mccann@research.uwa.edu.au
Mr McGellin Rockwell Coordinator (Digital Content) UWA rockwell.mcgellin@icrar.org 08 6488 7768
Mr McGregor Jamie Student - Masters UWA james.mcgregor@icrar.org
Mr McLeod Alistair Student - Masters UWA alistair.mcleod@icrar.org
Mr McPhail Andrew MWA Fieldwork Coodinator Curtin andrew.mcphail@icrar.org 08 9266 9175
Dr McSweeney Sam Associate Lecturer Curtin sam.mcsweeney@curtin.edu.au 08 9266 3640
Professor Meurer Gerhardt Senior Principal Research Fellow UWA gerhardt.meurer@icrar.org 08 6488 7728
Dr Meyer Martin Senior Research Fellow UWA martin.meyer@icrar.org 08 6488 7590
Dr Meyers Bradley Research Associate Curtin bradley.meyers@icrar.org 08 9266 7569
Professor Miller-Jones James Director, Science (Curtin) Curtin james.miller-jones@icrar.org 08 9266 9141
Ms Moore Eloise Student - Masters UWA eloise.moore@icrar.org
Mr Morris Maxwell Intern Curtin maxwell.morris@icrar.org
Morsy Essam PhD Student Curtin essam.morsy@icrar.org
Mx Null Dev AusSRC Developer Curtin dev.null@icrar.org
Dr Nunhokee Ridhima Research Associate – Astro 3D Curtin ridhima.nunhokee@icrar.org
Mr O'Doherty Tyrone Student - PhD and Forrest Scholar Curtin tyrone.odoherty@icrar.org
Ms O'Keefe Tracey Senior Administrative Officer UWA tracey.okeefe@icrar.org 08 6488 7763
Ms O'Keefe Lainee Administrative Officer UWA lainee.okeefe@icrar.org
Ms O’Beirne Tamsyn Student - Masters tamsyn.obeirne@icrar.org
A/Prof Obreschkow Danail ARC Future Fellow and Interim Head International Space Centre UWA danail.obreschkow@icrar.org 08 6488 7388
Mr Pallot Dave Software Engineer and Administrator UWA dave.pallot@icrar.org 08 6488 2568
Mr Parasuraman Sowmiya Sharath Student - Masters UWA Sharath.ps@icrar.org +61 412885267
Mr Paterson Sean Student - PhD Curtin sean.paterson@icrar.org
Ms Peter Clare Senior Administration Officer (ASTRO 3D) UWA clare.peter@icrar.org 08 6488 7759
Ms Petrou Flora Student - PhD Curtin flora.petrou@icrar.org
Pierce Jamie System Administrator Curtin jamie.pierce@icrar.org
Professor Power Chris Senior Principal Research Fellow UWA chris.power@icrar.org 08 6488 7630
Dr Prabu Steve Raj Associate Lecturer Curtin steveraj.prabu@icrar.org
Mr Pritchard Nicholas PhD Candidate UWA nicholas.pritchard@icrar.org
Ms Proctor Katy Student - PhD UWA katy.proctor@icrar.org
Mr Quici Benjamin Student - PhD Curtin benjamin.quici@icrar.org 08 9266 4670
Professor Quinn Peter Professor UWA peter.quinn@icrar.org
Mr Rajendran Mouriyan Developer Curtin mouriyan.rajendran@icrar.org
Mr Ralph Dan Student - Masters UWA dan.ralph@icrar.org
Ms Randell Lisa Administrative Officer UWA lisa.randell@icrar.org 08 6488 1252
Mr Raza Ahmad Student - PhD Curtin ahmad.raza@icrar.org
Dr Rhee Jonghwan Research Fellow (ASTRO 3D) jonghwan.rhee@icrar.org 08 6488 7570
Dr Rioja Maria Senior Research Fellow (ICRAR/CSIRO) UWA maria.rioja@icrar.org 08 6488 7849
Mr Ristea Andrei Student - PhD UWA andrei.ristea@icrar.org
Professor Robotham Aaron Senior Principal Research Fellow UWA aaron.robotham@icrar.org 08 6488 5564
Dr Ross Kathryn Associate Lecturer Curtin Kathryn.ross@icrar.org 08 9266 4670
Ms Salisbury Tina Operations Coordinator Curtin tina.salisbury@icrar.org 08 9266 4968
Mr Sankar Sriram PhD Student UWA sriram.sankar@icrar.org +61 412252042
Dr Santucci Giulia Research Associate UWA giulia.santucci@icrar.org
Ms Saraf Manasvee Student - PhD UWA manasvee.saraf@icrar.org 0423205255
A/Prof Schediwy Sascha Senior Research Fellow UWA sascha.schediwy@icrar.org 08 6488 3430
Ms Scott Danica Student - PhD Curtin danica.scott@postgrad.curtin.edu.au
Ms Selvaraj Aishwarya Student - PhD Curtin aishwarya.selvaraj@icrar.org
Dr Sett Susmita Associate Lecturer Curtin susmita.sett@icrar.org
Dr Seymour Nick Senior Lecturer Curtin nick.seymour@icrar.org 08 9266 3736
Dr Sharma Renu Director, Translation and Impact (UWA), Chief Operating Officer UWA renu.sharma@icrar.org 08 6488 7871
Mr Shrestha Chitru Developer Curtin chitru.shrestha@icrar.org
Mr Sleap Greg MWA Data Manager Curtin greg.sleap@icrar.org 08 9266 3516
Ms Smith Ali HR & Compliance Officer Curtin ali.l.smith@curtin.edu.au 08 9266 4669
Mrs Snadden Kirsty Project Administrator - Translation and Impact Curtin Kirsty.Snadden@curtin.edu.au 0892669899
Dr Sokolowski Marcin Research Fellow Curtin marcin.sokolowski@icrar.org 08 9266 2046
Mr Sreramasubramanian Krishnapriya Venkatesh Student - Masters UWA venkatesh.sk@icrar.org 0449891274
Ms Stabback Asha Translation and Impact Manager (ICRAR-UWA) UWA asha.stabback@icrar.org 6488 4756
Ms Stapleton Aoife Director, Translation and Impact (Curtin) Curtin aoife.stapleton@curtin.edu.au 08 9226 5209
Professor Staveley-Smith Lister Professor UWA lister.staveley-smith@icrar.org 08 6488 4550
Steyn Nadia Research Software Engineer UWA nadia.steyn@icrar.org 0410589902
Mr Strauss James Software Engineer UWA james.strauss@icrar.org
Mr Sullivan Andrew Student - PhD UWA andrew.sullivan@icrar.org
Dr Sutinjo Adrian Senior Lecturer Curtin adrian.sutinjo@curtin.edu.au 08 9266 9177
Dr Tan Chia Min Curtin chiamin.tan@icrar.org
Mr Tapia Mora Truman Student UWA truman.tapiamora@icrar.org
Dr Thekkeppattu Jishnu Nambissan Research Associate Curtin jishnu.thekkeppattu@icrar.org 08 9266 4670
Dr Thomas Nicole Jim Buckee Fellow UWA nicole.thomas@icrar.org
Ms Thorne Jessica Student - PhD UWA Jessica.thorne@icrar.org 08 6488 1684
Professor Tingay Steven Deputy Executive Director Curtin s.tingay@curtin.edu.au 08 9266 4908
Mr Tiwari Himanshu Student - PhD Curtin himanshu.tiwari@icrar.org
Mr Tobar Rodrigo Software Engineer UWA rtobar@icrar.org 08 6488 1588
Mr Tompkins Scott Student - PhD UWA scott.tompkins@icrar.org
Mr Tran Calvin Student - Masters UWA calvin.tran@icrar.org
Professor Trott Cathryn Project Leader; SKA-Low Chief Operations Scientist Curtin cathryn.trott@icrar.org 08 9266 1306
Dr Tyler Eric Senior Research Engineer (SKA) UWA eric.tyler@icrar.org
Mr Varier Aakash Student - Masters UWA aakash.varier@icrar.org 0421933287
Mr Venville Brandon Student - PhD Curtin brandon.venville@icrar.org
Mr Verduyn Luke Technical Specialist – Mechanical Design Curtin luke.verduyn@icrar.org
Dr Vernstrom Tessa Senior Research Fellow UWA tessa.vernstrom@icrar.org 08 6488 7744
Mr Vinsen Kevin Senior Research Fellow UWA kevin.vinsen@icrar.org 0435 164 060
Mr Vuong Brandon Masters Student UWA brandon.vuong@icrar.org
Mr Walker Kris Student - PhD UWA kris.walker@icrar.org
Dr Walsh Shane Research Fellow UWA shane.walsh@icrar.org
Dr Wang Ziteng Associate Lecturer Curtin ziteng.wang@icrar.org
Ms Waszewski Angelica Student - PhD Curtin angelica.waszewski@icrar.org
Dr Watts Adam Research Associate UWA adam.watts@icrar.org
Dr Westmeier Tobias Senior Research Fellow UWA tobias.westmeier@icrar.org 08 6488 4592
Professor Wicenec Andreas Director, Data Intensive Astronomy UWA andreas.wicenec@icrar.org 08 6488 7847
Mr Wilkinson Matthew Student - PhD UWA matthew.wilkinson@icrar.org 08 6488 1127
Dr Williams Andrew MWA Instrument Engineer – M&C Curtin andrew.williams@icrar.org 08 9266 9474
Dr Williamson Alex Software Research Engineer UWA alex.williamson@icrar.org
Winstanley Jordan Student - Masters UWA jordan.winstanley@icrar.org
Mr Wintle Cary Maintenance Crew Lead Curtin cary.wintle@icrar.org
Dr Wong Ivy Adjunct Senior Research Fellow UWA ivy.wong@icrar.org 08 6436 8602
Mr Wood Callan Student - PhD Curtin callan.wood@icrar.org
Dr Wren Graeme Project Manager - Teranet UWA graeme.wren@icrar.org
Mr Xu David Intern Curtin david.xu@icrar.org
Mrs Yearsley Emmaline Manager Translation & Impact Curtin emmaline.yearsley@icrar.org 08 9266 5024
Yeo Jacob Industry Engagement Manager (T&I) Curtin jacob.yeo@icrar.org 08 9266 3763
Mr Young Tim SPIRIT Coordinator UWA tim.young@icrar.org 08 6488 7770
Young Matthew Astronomy & Astrophysics Course Coordinator UWA matthew.young@icrar.org 08 6488 7757
Ms Zandi Emma Student - Masters UWA emma.zandi@icrar.org