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ICRAR Multimedia Portal

Visit our multimedia portal to see images and video content from our research, events and press releases.

Multimedia Portal

ICRAR Multimedia use guidelines

Still Images, Videos and Animations – non-commercial

You may use ICRAR content for educational or informational purposes, including photo collections, textbooks, public exhibits, computer graphical simulations and webpages (including personal webpages). Please use the credit given on the image exactly as it appears, otherwise credit ICRAR if no captioned credit exists.

You do not need explicit permission to use ICRAR content if you are

  • A news outlet, school, or textbook author,
  • Using ICRAR content in a factual manner that does not imply endorsement, and
  • Crediting ICRAR appropriately on the content you do use.

ICRAR occasionally uses copyright protected material on our website, and those images will be identified as such in their captions. This guide does not cover those images; please contact the image owner directly to ask permission to use.

If in doubt about your intended use please contact use at communications@icrar.org where we will respond promptly to advise you.

ICRAR content for commercial purposes

Please contact us via email communications@icrar.org if you plan to use our content for commercial purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Books that are not textbooks
  • Advertisements
  • Merchandise for sale featuring the ICRAR logo
  • Anything that will explicitly or implicitly convey ICRAR’s endorsement of commercial goods or services
  • Any commercial content that will show the face or voice of ICRAR people
Use of the ICRAR logo

It is important that the ICRAR logo, brand and name are not misused or misrepresented. If you require the use of the ICRAR logo for any purpose, this request should be directed to communications@icrar.org.

The ICRAR logo should be shown with clarity i.e not enlarged beyond the maximum resolution available in the file size, not shrunk beyond the minimum size dictated by the style guide, and not warped vertically or horizontally. If you are unable to view or use the logo according to the guidelines then please discuss your issue with the ICRAR Communications team before proceeding with publication or production.

Intellectual Property

You can view the Curtin University IP Policy here and the UWA IP Policy here, under Communication and Official Information.