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UWA micro-credentials are short courses that develop your skills, knowledge and experience in a given subject area. At ICRAR-UWA we currently offer two micro-credentials aimed at providing an introductory understanding of key Astronomy concepts.

Features of the Universe for Teachers

The UWA+ program offers micro-credentials focused on skills that are in high demand by employers and industry. These courses are designed for your professional development and to improve your career outcomes. As part of the UWA+ program, at ICRAR we currently offer the Features of the Universe for Teachers course. This course is aimed at high-school teachers wishing to develop their understanding of key topics in Astronomy and Astrophysics with which to teach their students.  The course follows the Western Australian State curriculum to provide teachers with all of the knowledge they need to engage their students in the wonders of the cosmos (and much more!). It also provide hands on training with the SPIRIT telescopes program, and helps teachers to design a lesson plan for their students to take and analyse real astronomical data. While following the WA curriculum, this course will also provide anyone with a keen interest in astronomy the solid foundation in our current understanding of the Universe. If you are ready to up-skill in your astronomy knowledge, find out more here!

Astrophysical Concepts

The UWA+ Starter program provides senior secondary school students with the unique opportunity to start their uni experience early by completing micro-credentials through UWA while still at school. At ICRAR, we currently offer the Astrophysical Concepts course as part of UWA+ Starter. This course teaches students everything they need to know about the fundamentals of Astronomy, from how gravity works and the orbits of the planets, to Einstein’s relativity and fate of the entire Universe. It also provides students with an understanding of current techniques for both observing the Universe and analysing real astronomical data. This course is designed to provide a solid foundation for future study in Physics and Astronomy at a University level. If you are a senior secondary school student who has a passion for Astronomy, find out more here!


If you would like to know more about ICRAR-UWA micro-credentials, please contact Dr Luke Davies.