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Tuesday 18th July – Updates from Pathfinders

Session 1 – Chair: Nick Seymour

Session 2 – Chair: George Heald

Session 3 – Chair: Russ Taylor

Session 4 – Chair: Minh Huynh

Wednesday 19th July Continuum Science from Pathfinders

Session 5 – Chair: O. Ivy Wong

Galactic Observations and Clusters/Diffuse Emission

Session 6 – Chair: Bradley Frank

Statistical Analysis and Techniques

Session 7 – Chair:  Amy Kimball

Multi-wavelength Surveys and Statistical Analysis

Session 8 – Chair: Rajan Chhetri

Machine Learning and Citizen Science

Thursday 20th July Polarisation Science from Pathfinders

Session 9 – Chair: Ann Mao


Session 10 – Chair: Julie Banfield

Radio Galaxies

Session 11 – Chair: Dharam Vir Lal

Local Universe and Star-forming Galaxies

Session 12 – Chair:  Anna Kapinska

Galaxy Evolution and Deep Fields