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Full Programme

Download the pdf full programme, released June 22, 2017, updated July 19th


Monday’s programme is confirmed as:

Session 1 — Chair: Anna Kapinska

09:00–09:15 Nick Seymour: Welcome and Logistics

09:15–09:35 Ray Norris: AKSAP & EMU

09:35–09:55 Josh Marvil: ASKAP Commissioning and Early Science update

09:55–10:55 Discussion: ASKAP Early Science process (observing, calibration, data reduction, validation, value added data)

10:55–11:25 COFFEE BREAK

Session 2 — Chair: Josh Marvil

11:25–11:40 Andrew Hopkins: ASKAP Pre-Early Science: GAMA23 field

11:40–11:55 Jordan Collier: Radio SEDs in EMU Early Science fields

11:55–12:15 Adriano Ingallinera: Updates from the SCORPIO project: studying resolved Galactic sources

12:15–12:30 Ray Norris: EMU Cosmology (KSP3 update)

12:30–13:50 LUNCH BREAK

Session 3 — Chair: Ray Norris

13:50–14:15 Anna Kapinska: Radio-loud AGN (KSP7 update)

14:30–14:30 Luke Davies: EMU cosmic Star Formation History and stellar mass growth (KSP6 update)

14:30–15:00 Discussion: Engagement in EMU

15:00–15:30 COFFEE BREAK

Session 4 – Chair: Josh Marvil

15:30–15:45 Slava Kitaeff: Asia/Pacific SKA Regional Centre and ERIDANUS project

15:45–16:00 Minh Huynh: CASDA

16:00–17:00 Minh Huynh, Josh Marvil: CASDA tutorial and discussion

Outline programme released January 16, 2017:

  • July 17: EMU Consortium Meeting
  • July 18: Updates from Pathfinders and SPARCS working groups
  • July 19: Continuum Science from Pathfinders
  • July 20: Polarisation Science from Pathfinders
  • July 21: SKA KSP planning (break out sessions): SKA Magnetism and Continuum SWG team meetings