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To request a conference page, please give us at least two weeks’ notice before you need the page to be ready for you to place content.

Conference details *

Does anyone other than yourself require edit access to the conference pages? Let us know who here.
A Meeting Code of Conduct is compulsory, and will be cloned from ICRAR's standard CoC which you can then adapt to your needs. All sub-pages except registration will be supplied as blank pages for you to enter your own content and images on.
List any other sub pages you need that aren't in the checklist above. More pages can also be added later.
This is the sub-page showing all registrants, only complete if you checked the box above wanting this sub-page.
Maximum image size 1000 x 1000 px. See examples of other conference page images.

Registration form fields

All forms must include a checkbox to say that registrants have read and agree to the code of conduct and a checkbox where they consent to sharing their private information with ICRAR and notifying them of our Privacy Policy.
Please also indicate which of the fields participants are required to answer from your selection above.

Registration form settings

Usually this is you (as the form requestor) and someone from Local Organising Committee. Seperate multiple emails addresses with ;
Usually the message states "Thank you for registering for [conference name].", and includes a copy of the information they've provided. Leave blank to accept this sentence. Please indicated if you *don't* want an email to be sent to registrants.
Usually the message simply says "Thank you for registering." Leave blank to accept this sentence.
The form will always be closed at 17:00 unless you request another time.
Usually the message simply says "Registrations have closed." Leave blank to accept this sentence.
By checking this box, I agree to give the webmaster chocolate.
reCAPTCHA is required.