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WHat is GLASS?

The GAMA Legacy ATCA Southern Survey (GLASS) is an ATCA Legacy survey which will cover the full GAMA G23 field with up to 3000 hours on ATCA over six semesters. The full 50 square degrees will be imaged at two 4cm bands, reaching ~30 and ~50 microJy rms sensitivity at 5.5 and 9.5 GHz, respectively. With this unique dataset we will: 1) study the properties and evolution of AGN, and 2) calibrate and investigate non-thermal and thermal radio star formation rate measures in normal galaxies.

The G23 region is set to be one of the foremost legacy regions in the southern sky. Existing data include deep UV-FIR imaging, 60,000 optical spectra, and full value-added properties such as group catalogues, SFRs, stellar masses, dust masses, metallicities, photometric redshifts and full SED fits. The future Wide Area VISTA Extragalactic Survey (WAVES) will also target the GAMA G23 region, going to fainter magnitudes.

ATCA observing commenced in the  OCT 2016 semester. With three semesters of observing complete it is timely to have a collaboration busy week.


2 July – 6 July 2018


CSIRO ARRC Building, 26 Dick Perry Ave, Kensington, Perth.
Mon and Tue in the fishbowl, conference room near ARRC reception. Rest of the week at the ARRC seminar room at the top of the stairs.


CASS is hosting a busy week for all GLASS collaboration members. The purpose of the busy week is to generate some momentum behind GLASS.  Aims include updating the collaboration on the status of the project, discussing GLASS science, learning how the data is reduced (with hands on sessions), and making substantial inroads into our first set of papers.

In particular we will:
– Get status updates on GLASS, and other G23 projects (e..g MWA, uGMRT, GAMA, ASKAP) and their data
– Discuss GLASS science, what we want to do with the data
– Work on technical issues such as imaging and source extraction
– Start work on analysis for papers, and start the writing of papers

This busy week is aimed at all GLASS collaboration members. This is an excellent opportunity to bring the collaboration face-to-face. We invite participation from those already involved with the GAMA G23 field observations and science – new team members are always welcome.


Draft programme here


Minh Huynh


Registration is now open but will close on June 18 2018. Please register using this link. There is no fee.

Travel Grants

A limited number of travel grants may be available to cover airfares, hotel, etc., up to $1500, for some participants. Students and postdocs will get highest priority. If you would like to request travel funding please apply here.
Travel grant applications ARE NOW CLOSED.


For local accommodation and transport information please go here here