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five-Day Meeting

November 6-10th, 2017

The Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) is a decade long project to probe the evolution of mass, energy and structure on scales ranging from 1kpc to 1Mpc – measuring properties of the internal structures of galaxies, interacting pairs and mergers, the group environment and large-scale structure. While the GAMA team has produced multiple seminal results, there is a wealth of data yet to be exploited within the GAMA database. As such, this year the extensive dataset produced by the GAMA team, including deep spectroscopic observations and 21-band multi-wavelength photometry for ~300,000 galaxies, will be made public to the wider astronomical community – with the aim of maximising this data’s scientific potential. However, the benefits of these data are not constrained to the products already assembled by the GAMA team, as multiple upcoming surveys will also specifically target the GAMA regions (EMU early science, DINGO, GLASS, eRosita, etc) adding to the GAMA legacy.

Part of this GAMA legacy is also leading into the development of future upcoming and proposed galaxy evolution surveys such as, AAT-DEVILS, 4MOST-WAVES, and those likely to be conducted by MSE and the ESO 12m. Over the coming decade these surveys will dramatically change our understanding of galaxy evolution processes.   

In this meeting we will discuss the final GAMA data release, its legacy value to upcoming multi-wavelength surveys in the GAMA fields and the future of galaxy evolution surveys. Key topics will be:

  • Upcoming muti-wavelength surveys in the GAMA regions and how they will use GAMA data products to produce transformative science.
  • The science legacy of the GAMA survey and how this science will develop in the coming decade.
  • The future of multi-wavelength, spectroscopic galaxy evolution surveys in the coming decade.
  • The final GAMA data release and the practicalities of how to use it.

Key Information

  • Dates: 6-10th November 2017
  • Location: ICRAR-UWA, Ken and Julie Michael Building, 7 Fairway, Crawley.
  • Key Locations and routes Map:



  • Simon Driver – The Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) survey
  • Paul Price – Hyper Suprime-Cam
  • Michele Cirasuolo – ESO-MOONS
  • Jochen Liske – The 4m Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
  • Minh Huynh – GAMA Legacy ATCA Southern Survey (GLASS)
  • Luca Pasquini – ESO’s Wide Field Spectroscopic Telescope
  • Konrad Kuijken – The Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS)
  • Natasha Hurley-Walker – GaLactic and Extragalactic All-sky MWA Survey (GLEAM)
  • Aaron Robotham – The Wide Area VISTA Extragalactic Survey (WAVES)
  • Claudia Lagos – Simulations for the next generation of surveys
  • Luke Davies – The Deep Extragalactic Visible Legacy Survey (DEVILS)
  • Scott Croom – The SAMI Galaxy Survey
  • Julia Bryant – HECTOR
  • Andrew Hopkins – ASKAP-Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU) survey & Taipan
  • Martin Meyer – ASKAP-Deep Investigation of Neutral Gas Origins (DINGO) survey
  • Sarah Brough – The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
  • Lister Staveley-Smith – ASKAP-WALLABY
  • Ghazaleh Erfanianfar – Synergy between x-ray and multi-wavelength spectroscopic surveys

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Luke Davies (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Aaron Robotham (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Andrew Hopkins (AAO)

  • Minh Huynh (ICRAR-UWA/CSIRO)

  • Caroline Foster (AAO)

  • Amanda Moffett (Vanderbilt University)

  • Michelle Cluver (University of Cape Town)

Local Organising Committee

  • Luke Davies (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Claudia Lagos (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Prajwal Kafle (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Hosein Hashemizadeh (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Soheil Koushan (ICRAR-UWA)

  • Liz Mannering (AAO)