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DEI is very pleased to announce the creation of a nursing room in the Ken and Julie Michael building for ICRAR staff and students to use!

The room is located behind the reception area in the ground floor of the building atrium, repurposed to be a private space for nursing mothers. The door to the room can be locked, and the windows have been frosted to ensure privacy. The room contains a nursing chair, an electrical cord, a side table, a microwave and also a small refrigerator.

The nursing room will remain locked at all times, and the key can be collected from Lisa when required. A booking system has been set up for this room (see instructions below), so just like other meeting rooms within the building, please contact Lisa or Tracey to book the nursing room for you.

For reference, please read the University Policy on Children on the University Campus, regarding the university policies for bringing children onto campus. I have also attached the new guidelines for booking the nursing room. These will be made available on the ICRAR intranet.

Room booking guidelines

Users of the ICRAR Nursing Room are requested to comply with the guidelines below:

  •  Please collect the key for the ICRAR Nursing Room from ICRAR Reception on the 2nd The door can be locked from the inside for privacy during use.
  • The room is equipped with a nursing chair, electrical extension cord, side table, a microwave and a small refrigerator. Please provide your own equipment for nursing purposes.
  • The room is free to all users.
  • Please ensure that the ICRAR Nursing Room is left in a clean and tidy condition after use. If you notice an issue with the room, please report it to ICRAR Reception when returning the key or email lisa.randell@uwa.edu.au or call extension 1252.
  • The ICRAR Nursing Room is used by many, so please make sure you keep to your timeline as others may be coming in directly after you.

Your help in maintaining the ICRAR Nursing room is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your cooperation.