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Chair – Luca Cortese / co-Chair – Brent Groves

  • Overall coordination and chair of meetings
  • Document activities
  • Report to ICRAR members
  • Report to ICRAR exec

EXEC Representative – Renu Sharma

  • Informs committee of Exec views
  • Report to ICRAR Exec
  • Contribute ideas
  • Handle high-level activities

Student & ECR development officer – Jonghwan Ree

  • Lead mentorship program for
students and ECRs
  • Organise two annual development sessions

Student Representative – Garima Chauhan

  • Inform the committee of HRD students issues

Gender diversity officer – Sabine Bellstedt

  • Organise activities to raise awareness for gender bias and support women at the student and ECR stages
  • Raise awareness and contract LGBTIA+ issues
  • Ensure a bias-free work environment (e.g. press releases, posters, wall papers)
  • Controlling gender balance in committees

Wards officer – Luca Cortese

  • Select and train wards
  • Publicise wards program
  • Liaise to DEI committee and exec
  • Keep wards record

DEI ambassador – Lillian Garratt-Smithson

  • Keep informed with diversity and equity issues and activities outside of ICRAR
  • Liaise with other UWA diversity committees and activities (inc. SAGE)
  • Liaise with the DevCom at Curtin

Awards & data officer – Adam Watts

  • Collect/keep track of gender balance: panels, students, post-docs, staff
  • Lead applications to awards (such as Pleiades)
  • Establish climate survey requirements

Web officer – Maryam Arabsalmani

  • Annual climate survey: design, execute, process data, present results to committee
  • Regularly update webpage

Back row left to right: Jonghwan Ree, Adam Watts, Sabine Bellstedt, Luca Cortese. Front row left to right: Garima Chauhan, Renu Sharma, Maryam Arabsalmani, Lillian Garratt-Smithson

Committee Renewal process

Committee members are elected for 2 years, with about half of the positions renewed each year. After a two-year period, members are normally replaced by new voluntary members from ICRAR-UWA. If finding new members for the open positions turns out to be difficult, the membership of existing members can be renewed. An exception to this rule is the EXEC representative (Renu), who, by default, remains part of the committee to secure its long-term connection into the executive.