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ICRAR’s research students will be the future astronomers, engineers and data scientists working around the globe in a variety of fields.

We have a strong commitment to providing the best research training and an environment in which our talented students will thrive.

Mr Wayne Arcus

Student - PhD

E: wayne.arcus@icrar.org

Thesis Title: TBC

Mr Rene Baelemans

Student - PhD

E: rene.baelemans@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9103

Thesis Title: Co-Design of wideband polarization-agile phased-array antennas and low-noise amplifiers for the next generation low-frequency square kilometre array (SKA) radio telescope

Mr Matías Bravo

Student - PhD

E: matias.bravo@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1780

Mr James Buchan

Student - PhD

E: james.buchan@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3268

Thesis Title: Photovoltaic-Battery Power Systems for the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope Considering Electromagnetic Compatibility Characterisation

Mr Ryan Bunney

Student - PhD

E: ryan.bunney@icrar.org

2018 Westpac Future Leaders Scholar

Mr Elliott Charlton

Student - Masters

E: elliott.charlton@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4505

Mr Jagdish Chawla

Student - Masters

E: jagdish.chawla@icrar.org

P: 0421376384

Mr Kariuki Chege

Student - PhD

E: kariuki.chege@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3268

Mr Jaiden Cook

Student - PhD

E: jaiden.cook@icrar.org

I am a Curtin Astrophysics PhD student working with A/Prof Cathryn Trott and Dr Jack Line. My PhD project will see me working with advanced statistical techniques such as the bispectrum and kernel density estimators, in order to separate out out foreground galaxies from the cosmological hydrogen signal.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and have an affinity for precariously attaching myself to boulders.

Mr Ben Dix-Matthews

Student - PhD

E: ben.dix-matthews@icrar.org

Benjamin Dix-Matthews is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Western Australia, working on the stabilisation of free-space optical links for metrology, geodesy, and communications. Having previously completed a Masters in Electronic Engineering, he has experience in the technical process of designing, prototyping, and testing electrical and optical systems.

Mr Brendan Hennessy

Student - PhD

E: brendan.hennessy@icrar.org

Degree/Thesis Title: Surveillance of Space with Passive Radar using the Murchison Widefield Array

Mr Torrance Hodgson

Student - PhD

E: torrance.hodgson@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 7017

Mr Esteban Jimenez

Student - PhD

E: esteban.jimenez@icrar.org

P: 0426514822

Mr Mike Kriele

Student - PhD

E: michael.kriele@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 1289

Degree/Thesis Title: High Precision Mapping of the Diffused Low Frequency Sky

Ms Jie Li

Student - PhD

E: jie.li@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 3776

Mr Xuanyi Lyu

Student - Masters

E: xuanyi.lyu@icrar.org

P: 0435 900 276

Mr Aditya Manuwal

Student - PhD

E: aditya.manuwal@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7756

Hi! In my PhD I am trying to relate the visible to the invisible. This is done through studies aimed at exploring whether, and how, the observable properties of galaxies relate to the properties of dark matter halos surrounding them.

Mr Bach Nguyen

Student - PhD

E: bach.nguyen@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9103

Thesis Title:

Ms Omima Osman Mohammed Osman

Student - PhD

E: omima.osman@icrar.org

P: +61432037936

Thesis Title: Dust formation and evolution, and its influence on galaxy evolution

Mr Steve Raj Prabu

Student - Masters

E: steveraj.prabu@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4670

Degree/Thesis Title: Using MWA as a receiver for a passive radar system aimed at detecting and characterising space debris

Mr Benjamin Quici

Student - PhD

E: benjamin.quici@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4670

Degree/Thesis Title: Constraining the dying phase of Radio galaxies with the GLEAM-X radio survey.

Ms Kathryn Ross

Student - PhD

E: Kathryn.ross@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4670

Degree/Thesis Title: Spectral Studies of Radio Galaxies using GLEAM-X

Mr Mawson Sammons

Student - PhD

E: mawson.sammons@icrar.org

P: 0488996488

CRAFT – Exploring the lensing of cosmological transients on nanosecond timescales.

Ms Manasvee Saraf

Student - PhD

E: manasvee.saraf@icrar.org

P: 0423205255

Thesis Title: Galaxy Evolution in Norma Cluster

Mr Keegan Smith

Student - Masters

E: keegan.smith@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4670

Thesis Title: Understanding Pulsar Emission Through a Large Scale Database

Mr Hongquan Su

Student - PhD

E: hongquan.su@icrar.org

Thesis Title: Mapping the Galaxy in 3D using observations of HII region absorption with the MWA

Mr Nick Swainston

Student - PhD

E: Nicholas.swainston@icrar.org

Degree/Thesis Title: Finding pulsars with a next-generation low-frequency radio telescope

Ms Jessica Thorne

Student - PhD

E: Jessica.thorne@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1684

Dissertation Title: Probing the co-evolution of galaxies and their environment over the last 8 billion years

Mr Tian Jun

Student - PhD

E: jun.tian@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4505

Degree/Thesis Title: Studying radio properties of short gamma-ray bursts with the Murchison Widefield Array

Mr Matthew Wilkinson

Student - PhD

E: matthew.wilkinson@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1127

I am currently working Claudia Lagos and Aaron Ludlow on galaxy morphology in EAGLE in preparation for EAGLE-XL.

Mr Alexander Williamson

Student - PhD

E: alexander.williamson@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9103

Degree/Thesis Title: Detecting Cosmic Rays with the Murchison Widefield Array

Ms Ruby Wright

Student - PhD

E: ruby.wright@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 3241

BPhil(Hons) (UWA, 2018)