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ICRAR’s two nodes at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia are also nodes of ASTRO 3D, the ARC Centre of Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions.

Many of our researchers are members and work within the ASTRO 3D team to further both Centre’s research and outreach efforts.


  • The Origin of the Ionised Universe
  • The Origin of Matter and the Periodic Table


  • The Genesis Theoretical Simulations
  • Data Intensive Astronomy

astro 3D staff based at icrar

  • Dr Barbara Catinella, Chief Investigator and UWA Node Leader
  • Associate Professor Cathryn Trott, Chief Investigator and Curtin Node Leader
  • Professor Chris Power, Chief Investigator
  • Professor Lister Staveley-Smith, Chief Investigator
  • Dr Maryam Arabsalmani, Research Associate
  • Dr Pascal Elahi, Research Fellow
  • Dr Bi-Qing For, Research Associate
  • Dr Lilian Garratt-Smithson, Research Associate
  • Dr Chris Jordan, Research Associate
  • Dr Claudia Lagos, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Jack Line, Research Associate
  • Dr Christene Lynch, Research Associate
  • Dr Jonghwan Rhee, Research Fellow
  • Dr Sambit Roychowdhury, Research Associate
  • Dr Vitaliy Ogarko, Research Associate
  • Dr Mahavir Sharma, Research Fellow
  • Clare Peter, Professional Staff
  • Emily Johnson, Professional Staff
  • Teresa Slaven-Blair, Outreach Support Coordinator
  • Tina Salisbury, Professional Staff

ASTRO 3D Students based at icrar

  • Lucie Bakels, PhD Candidate
  • Rodrigo Canas Vazquez, PhD Candidate
  • Garima Chauhan, PhD Candidate
  • Kariuki Chege, PhD Candidate
  • Robin Cook, PhD Candidate
  • Ahmed Elagali, PhD Candidate
  • Katherine Harborne, PhD Candidate
  • Ronniy Joseph, PhD Candidate
  • Mike Kriele, PhD Candidate
  • Bella Nasirudin, PhD Candidate
  • Rhys Poulton, PhD Candidate
  • Tristan Reynolds, PhD Candidate
  • Kristof Rozgonyi, PhD Candidate
  • Adam Watts, PhD Candidate
  • Matthew Wilkinson, PhD Candidate
  • Ruby Wright, PhD Candidate

ASTRO 3D Affiliates based at icrar

  • Dr Luca Cortese, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Elisabete da Cunha, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Brent Groves, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Aaron Ludlow, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Ben McKinley, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Martin Meyer, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Steven Murray, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Danail Obreschkow, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Aaron Robotham, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Adam Stevens, Affiliate
  • Dr Alfred Tiley, Affiliate
  • Professor Steven Tingay, Associate Investigator
  • Associate Professor Randall Wayth, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Tobias Westmeier, Associate Investigator
  • Professor Andreas Wicenec, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Ivy Wong, Affiliate