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The ARC Centre of Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics in 3 Dimensions (ASTRO 3D) is a seven-year Centre funded by the Australian Research Council which was established in 2017.

ICRAR’s two nodes at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia are also nodes of ASTRO 3D.

Many of our researchers are members and work within the ASTRO 3D team to further both Centre’s research and outreach efforts.


  • The Origin of the Ionised Universe
  • The Origin of Matter and the Periodic Table


  • The Genesis Theoretical Simulations
  • Data Intensive Astronomy

astro 3D staff based at icrar

  • Dr Barbara Catinella, Chief Investigator and UWA Node Leader
  • Associate Professor Cathryn Trott, Chief Investigator and Curtin Node Leader
  • Professor Chris Power, Chief Investigator
  • Professor Lister Staveley-Smith, Chief Investigator
  • Dr Maryam Arabsalmani, Research Associate
  • Dr Elisabete da Cunha, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Pascal Elahi, Research Fellow
  • Dr Bi-Qing For, Research Associate
  • Dr Lilian Garratt-Smithson, Research Associate
  • Dr Chris Jordan, Research Associate
  • Dr Claudia Lagos, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Jack Line, Research Associate
  • Dr Christene Lynch, Research Associate
  • Mr Tristan Reynolds, Research Associate
  • Dr Jonghwan Rhee, Research Fellow
  • Dr Sambit Roychowdhury, Research Associate
  • Dr Vitaliy Ogarko, Research Associate
  • Dr Mahavir Sharma, Research Fellow
  • Clare Peter, Professional Staff
  • Emily Johnson, Professional Staff
  • Teresa Slaven-Blair, Outreach Support Coordinator
  • Tina Salisbury, Professional Staff

ASTRO 3D Students based at icrar

  • Lucie Bakels, PhD Candidate
  • Rodrigo Canas Vazquez, PhD Candidate
  • Garima Chauhan, PhD Candidate
  • Kariuki Chege, PhD Candidate
  • Robin Cook, PhD Candidate
  • Katherine Harborne, PhD Candidate
  • Ronniy Joseph, PhD Candidate
  • Mike Kriele, PhD Candidate
  • Bella Nasirudin, PhD Candidate
  • Rhys Poulton, PhD Candidate
  • Kristof Rozgonyi, PhD Candidate
  • Adam Watts, PhD Candidate
  • Matthew Wilkinson, PhD Candidate
  • Ruby Wright, PhD Candidate

ASTRO 3D Affiliates based at icrar

  • Dr Luca Cortese, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Brent Groves, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Aaron Ludlow, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Ben McKinley, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Martin Meyer, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Steven Murray, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Danail Obreschkow, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Aaron Robotham, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Adam Stevens, Affiliate
  • Dr Alfred Tiley, Affiliate
  • Professor Steven Tingay, Associate Investigator
  • Associate Professor Randall Wayth, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Tobias Westmeier, Associate Investigator
  • Professor Andreas Wicenec, Associate Investigator
  • Dr Ivy Wong, Affiliate