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ICRAR’s professional staff members provide the technical, outreach, education, communications and administration skills that complement ICRAR’s research programs, from telescope and engineering support through to finance and communications.

Ms Gayatri Aniruddha

Project Officer (Data Intensive Astronomy)

E: gayatri.aniruddha@icrar.org

Mr Mark Boulton

Senior Systems Engineering/IT Manager

E: mark.boulton@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 6744

Completed my Bachelor of Science at UWA in 1989 majoring in Computer Science and Physics.

Worked in defence industry for 22 years before returning to UWA where i worked initially for Physics and ICRAR then later taking up a full time position with ICRAR as the IT Manager plus Senior Systems Engineer on the Science Data Processor for the Square Kilometre Array.

Mr Julian Carrivick

Software Research Engineer, DIA

E: julian.carrivick@uwa.edu.au

Mrs Venus Chico

MWA Project Officer/ Technician

E: venus.chico@icrar.org

P: (08) 92664263

Mr Kevin Choung

Senior Research Engineer (SKA)

E: kevin.choung@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7784

Ms Charlene D'Monte

Manager (Strategic Engagement and Communications)

E: charlene.dmonte@icrar.org

P: 0468 579 311

Charlene has worked in marketing communications and engagement for the past 25 years. Her experience also extends across event management, sponsorship negotiations and stakeholder relationship management.
She has worked across a variety of industries including higher education, media, financial services, insurance and publishing.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Public Relations, recently completed her Micro Masters in Digital Marketing and is currently completing her IAP2 Australasia Certificate in Engagement.

Her role includes leading a high-performance team to deliver inspiring education activities via Outreach and the SPIRIT program to hundreds of high school students across Perth and regional Western Australia.

Working with domestic and international media, she ensures discoveries made by our researchers are communicated to our science community, nationally and across the globe ensuring ICRAR’s researchers are at the forefront in what we do.

Ms Jacqueline Da Gama

Finance Manager

E: jacqueline.dagama@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7737


Mr David Emrich

Instrument Engineer, site operations

E: david.emrich@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9672

– Murchison Wide-field Array radio telescope field equipment
– External instruments integration at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory (MRO)
– Electronic systems design, integration and diagnosis / repair
– Low level firmware design for hardware management and abstraction
– Linux computer administration
– Network configuration and administration

Mr Sam Foster

Machine Learning Project Officer

E: sam.foster@icrar.org

P: 0404 751 818

Aspiring game developer and graphics programmer. At ICRAR, I’m working on machine learning with the Data Intensive Astronomy team.

Dr Gordon German

Research Engineer, Australian SKA Regional Centre

E: gordon.german@icrar.org

Mr Charles Gravestock

Senior Research Engineer

E: charles.gravestock@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7784

Mr Callan Gray

Software Engineer

E: callan.gray@icrar.org

P: 0424662251

Mr Scott Haydon

Research Intern

E: scott.haydon@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 7925

Ms Kate Holmes

Outreach Officer (casual)

E: kate.holmes@icrar.org

P: +61 8 6488 4688

Mr Rob Howes

Engineering Project Manager

E: rob.howes@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 7260

Mr Jake Jones

Research Assistant

E: jake.jones@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9249

Mrs Leah Kalimeris

Outreach and Education Coordinator

E: leah.kalimeris@uwa.edu.au

Mr David Kenney

Project Engineer

E: david.kenney@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 1906

Specialisation: Radio Astronomy Engineering

Mrs Shané Kingdon

Executive Assistant

E: shane.kingdon@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1549

Mr Paul Luckas

SPIRIT Program Manager

E: paul.luckas@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 5548

Paul has a Masters degree in Physics, specialising in the design and deployment of highly automated robotic telescopes and their use. He manages the SPIRIT telescope initiative at ICRAR (spirit.icrar.org).

His research includes the spectroscopic observation and analysis of exotic stars, including some of the most massive stars in our galaxy.

Mr Faisal Malik

Program Manager (Senior Agile)

E: faisal.malik@icrar.org

ICT Professional with broad experience in project management (traditional waterfall, agile and hybrid), business analysis, solution design, O&M in industry.

Special interest in emerging technologies and innovative projects for digital transformation.

Engineering and business qualification with relevant industry certifications/trainings (PMP, ACP, SAFe, Azure, BABOK, ITIL, TOGAF)

Member of Engineers Australia and Project Management Institute PMI Western Australia Chapter


Mr Rockwell McGellin

Coordinator (Digital Content)

E: rockwell.mcgellin@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7768

Mr Andrew McPhail

MWA Fieldwork Coodinator

E: andrew.mcphail@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9175

Mx Dev Null

AusSRC Developer

E: dev.null@icrar.org

Mx Null is a nonbinary software developer with a strong drive for solving challenging engineering problems on the cutting edge of computer science. After doing a BSc in Computer Science and Physics, they spent several years as a software development consultant with a focus on quality software delivery through the disciplined use of industry best practices. It is these practices which Mx Null hopes to employ in the development and optimization of the MWA\’s signal processing pipeline as it evolves into one which can scale up to meet the demands of the future upgrades. Mx Null is embedded in the MWA Operations team and funded by the AusSRC project to liaise with scientific and technical stakeholders in developing software solutions focussed primarily on achieving the science goals of the Epoch of Reionisation (EoR) team.

In the long-term, Mx Null will use the insights gained from the MWA development effort to inform the requirements and system architecture of the High-Performance Computing systems for the future Australia SKA Regional Centre.

Ms Tracey O'Keefe

Senior Administrative Officer

E: tracey.okeefe@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7763

Specialisation: Administration

Mr Dave Pallot

Software Engineer and Administrator

E: dave.pallot@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 2568


Ms Clare Peter

Senior Administration Officer (ASTRO 3D)

E: clare.peter@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7759


Ms Lisa Randell

Administrative Officer

E: lisa.randell@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1252


Ms Tina Salisbury

Operations Coordinator

E: tina.salisbury@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4968


Mr Greg Sleap

MWA Data Manager

E: greg.sleap@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3516

Specialisation: Software development

Ms Ali Smith

HR & Compliance Officer

E: ali.l.smith@curtin.edu.au

P: 08 9266 4669

Mrs Kirsty Snadden

Administration Officer and Student Coordinator

E: Kirsty.Snadden@curtin.edu.au

P: 0892669899

Kirsty has recently completed a Bachelor of Counter Terrorism, Security and Intelligence, with a major in International Relations and Politics, and will be commencing post graduate studies in Global Engagement in 2025.
An avid traveller, Kirsty has an extensive background working within the travel industry in both consulting and cabin crew roles.

Ms Asha Stabback

Translation and Impact Manager (ICRAR-UWA)

E: asha.stabback@icrar.org

P: 6488 4756

Nadia Steyn

Research Software Engineer

E: nadia.steyn@icrar.org

P: 0410589902

Carley Tillett

Manager, Translation & Impact

E: carley.tillett@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 2947

Mr Rodrigo Tobar

Software Engineer

E: rtobar@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1588

Dr Eric Tyler

Senior Research Engineer (SKA)

E: eric.tyler@icrar.org

I specialise in electronics engineering. After working for a few years in the industry and graduating from a PhD at Curtin University, I started working as a senior research engineer in the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research – Astrophotonics group at the University of Western Australia in November 2023. My role focuses on the practical implementation of a high-precision phase synchronisation system for the Mid-Frequency Square Kilometre Array (SKA-MID), which will operate in South Africa.

Mr Luke Verduyn

Technical Specialist – Mechanical Design

E: luke.verduyn@icrar.org

Dr Graeme Wren

Project Manager - Teranet

E: graeme.wren@icrar.org

Graeme returned to The University of Western Australia campus, rejoining his inaugural alma mater in September 2023. Currently the TeraNet Project Manager in the Astrophotonics Group, within the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research, Graeme is a former astronomer, senior military officer, general manager and consulting aerospace engineer with qualifications in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, mathematics, satellite communications, information technology and management.
He is a graduate of the Universities of Western Australia, Texas A&M, Adelaide and Canberra; the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; and the Royal Australian Air Force Command and Staff College.
Experience has spanned:
• military fast jet operations (F-111 & F/A-18);
• research and concept creation in military space programs covering surveillance, ballistic missile defence, navigation and communications;
• establishing bi-lateral (AU-US) space capabilities;
• integrating space services into aviation and terrestrial operations;
• developing the first Australian operational commercial space launch facility; and
• senior executive management.
Career passions include advances in space technologies across disciplines, terrestrial space precinct development and space medicine. Practiced interests embrace cultivating team growth and cohesion, including the benefits of emotional intelligence.
Graeme and Narelle currently reside in Wagga NSW and plan to relocate back to Perth in 2024.

Mrs Emmaline Yearsley

Manager Translation & Impact

E: emmaline.yearsley@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 5024

Emmaline is an experienced engagement and partnerships specialist within Western Australia’s science and technology sector. Possessing a multi-disciplinary background, Emmaline has worked across a range of institutions including the Western Australian Museum, Curtin University, and Scitech Discovery Centre.

She is driven to create deep, human-centered relationships that inspire productive collaboration. She is passionate about helping organisations and stakeholders develop meaningful connections that strengthen community and enable greater participation in STEM.

Mr Tim Young

SPIRIT Coordinator

E: tim.young@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7770

My name is Tim and I am one of the Education and Outreach coordinators. I look after the SPIRIT program of robotic telescopes and the educational programs that utilise them. Before that I was a radio astronomer who specialised in single-dish observations of pulsars.

Much like my career, my studies have taken me across multiple fields of study and in directions I didn’t expect. I eventually completed my degree in astrophysics at Curtin in 2010 after first enrolling in nanotechnology and then moving into condensed matter physics. I have worked at telescope facilities across Australia, from Ceduna in South Australia, to Mt Pleasant in Tasmania and many more between.

In my professional career I have designed and built science exhibitions at Scitech that have gone on to travel the world, given talks and tours of the universe in planetariums, and even worked as a data scientist assisting with research into climate change and biodiversity.