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ICRAR’s professional staff members provide the technical, outreach, education, communications and administration skills that complement ICRAR’s research programs, from telescope and engineering support through to finance and communications.

Mr Tom Booler

Director, Operations

E: tom.booler@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9471

Tom is a program and operations specialist with experience in complex project development and procurement, as well as remote area operations. Tom led the procurement and construction of the MWA and now leads ICRAR-Curtin’s Engineering Operations program, which includes responsibility for activity on the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory site. Tom has also led ICRAR-Curtin’s successful industry engagement throughout SKA preconstruction, helping local companies to understand and engage with the project.

Mr Mark Boulton

Senior Systems Engineering/IT Manager

E: mark.boulton@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 6744

Completed my Bachelor of Science at UWA in 1989 majoring in Computer Science and Physics.

Worked in defence industry for 22 years before returning to UWA where i worked initially for Physics and ICRAR then later taking up a full time position with ICRAR as the IT Manager plus Senior Systems Engineer on the Science Data Processor for the Square Kilometre Array.

Mr Brian Crosse

Instrument Engineer – Signal Chain

E: brian.crosse@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9148


Ms Jacqueline Da Gama

Finance Manager

E: jacqueline.dagama@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7737


Mr Markus Dolensky

Technical Leader

E: markus.dolensky@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 5072

Scientific data processing systems
Data-intensive computing
Technical project management

Ms Angela Dunleavy

Administrative Coordinator

E: angela.dunleavy@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4669


Mr David Emrich

MWA Instrument Engineer – Site Ops

E: david.emrich@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9672


Ms Lisa Evans

Project Officer (Citizen Science)

E: lisa.evans@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7772

Mr Sam Foster

Machine Learning Project Officer

E: sam.foster@icrar.org

P: 0404 751 818

Aspiring game developer and graphics programmer. At ICRAR, I’m working on machine learning with the Data Intensive Astronomy team.

Ms Kirsten Gottschalk

Astronomy Ambassador

E: kirsten.gottschalk@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7771

Specialisation: science education, media, web management and design, science communication and writing.

Ms Emily Johnson

Administration Officer

E: emily.johnson@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9899

Mr David Kenney

Senior Technical Officer

E: david.kenney@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 1906

Specialisation: Radio Astronomy Engineering

Mr Paul Luckas

SPIRIT Program Manager

E: paul.luckas@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 5548

Paul has a Masters degree in Physics, specialising in the design and deployment of highly automated robotic telescopes and their use. He manages the SPIRIT telescope initiative at ICRAR (spirit.icrar.org).

His research includes the spectroscopic observation and analysis of exotic stars, including some of the most massive stars in our galaxy.

Dr Liz Mannering

ASVO Web Developer

E: liz.mannering@icrar.org

Liz studied the X-ray properties of the black holes, jets and environments of radio galaxies during her PhD.

She now designs and builds outreach tools to allow members of the public to interact with scientific data or explain difficult astronomical concepts in an intuitive way, engaging new generations of would-be astronomers.

She is also a front-end web developer at the Australian Astronomical Observatory in Sydney, working on AAO node of the All-Sky Virtual Observatory (ASVO) project, which connects researchers to a wealth of theoretical and observational data from telescopes across the globe.

Specialisation: Web design & development. Graphic design.

Ms Yolandie McDade

Executive Assistant

E: yolandie.mcdade@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1549


Mr Andrew McPhail

MWA Fieldwork Coodinator

E: andrew.mcphail@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9175

Mr Dave Minchin

SKA Field Instrumentation Support Engineer

E: dave.minchin@icrar.org

Ms Tracey O'Keefe

Administrative Officer

E: tracey.okeefe@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7763

Specialisation: Administration

Mr Dave Pallot

Software Engineer and Administrator

E: dave.pallot@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 2568


Ms Clare Peter

Administration Officer (ASTRO 3D)

E: clare.peter@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7759


Ms Lisa Randell

Administrative Assistant

E: lisa.randell@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1252


Mr Gregory Rowbotham

Cosmos Consultant

E: gregory.rowbotham@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7769

Gregory has a background in science communication, education and outreach. He has worked as a high school physics teacher in Queensland, worked for CSIRO Education and Outreach throughout the country, and holds a Masters in Science (Astronomy).

He has been the Cosmos Consultant at ICRAR since March 2016.

Ms Cass Rowles

Cosmic Communicator

E: cass.rowles@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7768

Specialised in science communication, education, web management, and social media.

Ms Tina Salisbury

Operations Coordinator

E: tina.salisbury@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4968


Ms Teresa Slaven-Blair

Outreach Support Coordinator (ASTRO 3D)

E: teresa.slavenblair@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9896

Mr Greg Sleap

MWA Data Manager

E: greg.sleap@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3516

Specialisation: Software development

Mr Jonathan Tickner

Senior Technical Officer

E: jonathan.tickner@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3640


Mr Rodrigo Tobar

Software Engineer

E: rtobar@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1588

Mr Daniel Ung

Support Engineer, Aperture Array

E: daniel.ung@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9106


Miss Mia Walker

Project Officer

E: mia.walker@curtin.edu.au

P: 08 9266 9472

Mia grew up in Geraldton, Western Australia, relatively close to the site of the MWA and SKA-LOW, and with aspirations to work in the space industry. She completed a double degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and Physics at Curtin University, and went on to become an instrumentation engineer for the Murchison Widefield Array radio telescope. Since then she has moved into a project management support role, working to ensure the project’s legacy and continued success.

Matthew Young

Astronomy & Astrophysics Course Coordinator

E: matthew.young@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7757

Specialisation: Education and Pulsar Astrophysics

Mr Pete Wheeler

Outreach, Education and Communications Manager

Appointed July 2009

E: pete.wheeler@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7758

Specialisation: Communications, Education and Outreach