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Example Study Plan – Cam

Cam is a domestic student who completed an undergraduate degree in Physics four years ago.  Over the past four years Cam has worked as a quantitive analyst in the financial sector and is returning in Semester 1 to commence the MPhys (Astro) course.  Cam has not taken any astronomy or astrophysics units in the past, and so requires two conversion units.  Due to work and family commitments Cam will take 18 credit points (3 units) per semester over five semesters, which meets the requirement of full-time attendance for the course.

 Order   Type   Code  Avail  Unit Name
1 Conversion PHYS3003 S1 Astrophysics & Space Science
1 Core PHYS4419 S1 Galaxies & Galactic Dynamics
1 Core PHYS5514 S1 Radio Astronomy & the Interstellar Medium
2 Conversion PHYS3012 S2 Topics in Contemporary Physics
2 Core PHYS4418 S2 Cosmological Physics
2 Core PHYS5513 S2 Computational Statistics for Physics
3 Option PHYS5020 S1 Frontiers in Experimental Physics
3 Option SHPC4001 S1 Computational Methods for Physics
3 Core PHYS5562 S1,2 Research Proposal in Astronomy & Astrophysics
4 Option PHYS4420 S2 Gravitational Wave & High Energy Astronomy
4 Core PHYS5301 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 1
4 Core PHYS5302 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 2
5 Core PHYS5303 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 3
5 Core PHYS5304 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 4
5 Core PHYS5563 S1,2 Dissertation in Astronomy & Astrophysics