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Example Study Plan – Ash

Ash is an international student commencing mid-year in Semester 2.  Ash has completed an undergraduate degree in Physics, but it is below the level of a UWA degree, and included no astronomy or astrophysics units.  Nor has Ash had any programming experience in a language such as python, R, C, or FORTRAN.    Ash therefore takes 4 conversion units.  Ash requires more background training before starting the Research Proposal unit, and so that is taken in the third semester of study.

 Order   Type   Code  Avail  Unit Name
1 Conversion CITS1401 S1,2 Computational Thinking with Python
1 Conversion PHYS3002 S2 Electrodynamics & Relativity
1 Conversion PHYS3012 S2 Topics in Contemporary Physics
1 Core PHYS4418 S2 Cosmological Physics
2 Conversion PHYS3003 S1 Astrophysics & Space Science
2 Core PHYS4419 S1 Galaxies & Galactic Dynamics
2 Core PHYS5514 S1 Radio Astronomy & the Interstellar Medium
2 Option PHYS5301 S1 Physics Research Project Part 1
3 Core PHYS5513 S2 Computational Statistics for Physics
3 Option SHPC4001 S2 Computational Methods for Physics
3 Core PHYS5562 S1,2 Research Proposal in Astronomy & Astrophysics
3 Core PHYS5301 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 1
4 Core PHYS5302 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 2
4 Core PHYS5303 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 3
4 Core PHYS5304 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 4
4 Core PHYS5563 S1,2 Dissertation in Astronomy & Astrophysics