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The two-year Master of Physical Science (Astronomy and Astrophysics) – UWA only – consists of 72 lectures (the 48 lectures in the Honours course, plus an additional 24 lectures on specialist topics). These 72 lectures are split evenly between the two semesters and a full 72 lectures are offered each year, however students in the two-year Master of Physical Science program take 36 lectures in semester 1 of year 1 and the remaining 36 lectures in semester 2 of year 2.

Recent modules include:

Semester 1

  • Radiation Processes and High Energy Astrophysics (J-P Macquart, ICRAR-Curtin, 18 lectures)
  • Line Emission (Lister Staveley-Smith, ICRAR-UWA, 6 lectures)
  • Chemical Evolution of the Universe (Simon Driver, ICRAR-UWA, 12 lectures)

Semester 2

  • Astrophysical Shocks (Chris Power, ICRAR-UWA, 6 lectures)
  • Galactic Dynamics (Kenji Bekki, ICRAR-UWA, 6 lectures)
  • Compact Objects (James Miller-Jones, ICRAR-Curtin, 6 lectures)
  • Advanced Radio Astronomy (Cormac Reynolds, ICRAR-Curtin, 6 lectures)
  • Bayesian Astronomy with R (Aaron Robotham, ICRAR-UWA, 6 lectures)
  • Space Electrodynamics (Ron Burman, UWA, 6 lectures)

Selected lecture notes for the combined honours course are available on the Intranet to current students (password protected, email education@icrar.org if you need the password).

The ICRAR ICT team also run two honours level courses – Parallel Programming and High Performance Computing honours course in Semester 1 and Computational Astrophysics honours course in Semester 2. More details are available from course coordinator A/Prof Slava Kitaeff and at the course description page. Honours, Masters and PhD students from both nodes of ICRAR are welcome to take the course.