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Example Study Plan – AVERY

Avery has completed an undergraduate degree in Physics, but the level is below that of a UWA degree. Avery has taken no astronomy or astrophysics units, and has no programming experience in a language such as python, R, C, or FORTRAN. Avery therefore takes 4 conversion units. Avery is doing an experimental project in Gravitational Wave Astronomy and is ready to commence that in the first semester, spreading the coursework out over four semesters.

 Order   Type   Code  Avail  Unit Name
1 Conversion CITS1401 S1,2 Computational Thinking with Python
1 Conversion PHYS3003 S1 Astrophysics and Space Science
1 Option PHYS4020 S1 Frontiers in Experimental Physics
1 Core PHYS5562 S1,2 Research Proposal in Astronomy & Astrophysics
2 Conversion PHYS3002 S2 Electrodynamics & Relativity
2 Conversion PHYS3012 S2 Topics in Contemporary Physics
2 Option PHYS4420 S2  Gravitational Wave & High Energy Astronomy
2 Core PHYS5301 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 1
3 Core PHYS4419 S1 Galaxies & Galactic Dynamics
3 Core PHYS5514 S1 Radio Astronomy & the Interstellar Medium
3 Core PHYS5302 S1,1 Physics Research Project Part 2
3 Core PHYS5303 S1,2 Physics Research Project Part 3
4 Core PHYS4418 S2 Cosmological Physics
4 Core PHYS5513 S1,2 Computational Statistics for Physics
4 Core PHYS5304 S2 Physics Research Project Part 4
4 Core PHYS5563 S2 Dissertation in Astronomy & Astrophysics