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Prof. Geoff Bicknell

November 16, 2017 – 11:00 am – ICRAR/Curtin seminar room (Curtin campus).

The Physics of Relativistic Jet Feedback in Evolving Galaxies

Ever since the discovery of the relation between the masses of black holes and either the mass or velocity dispersion of the host galaxy bulge it has been recognized that there is a symbiotic relationship between black holes and the evolution of their hosts. Jets or winds from black holes can drive out or disrupt potentially star-forming gas, thereby affecting the rate of star formation and the galaxy luminosity function. Our group has been investigating the detailed physics of jet interactions with inhomogeneous interstellar media in both elliptical and disk galaxies. In elliptical galaxies, there is an interesting connection with the Gigahertz Peak Spectrum and Compact Steep Spectrum radio galaxies. The radio spectra of these galaxies provide diagnostics
of the parameters of the jet-ISM interaction – density, extent and turbulent structure. Interactions between jets and disk galaxies are also important, particularly when the angle between the jet and the plane of the disk is small. I will present simulations inspired by observations of IC5063 and NGC1052, which show the dynamical effect on the gaseous disk and the appearance of the radio source. In these examples, radio observations, especially at low frequency, play an important role in understanding the physics of jet-driven feedback.

Prof. Geoff Bicknell – 16 Nov 2017 – The Physics of Relativistic Jet Feedback in Evolving Galaxies