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The Rise of Science: Past, Present and Future
Prof. Peter Shaver


April 6, 2017 – 3:00 pm – ICRAR/Curtin seminar room (Curtin campus)

This talk gives a very broad overview of science from prehistoric times to the future.  How did science arise? A brief history shows the four amazing epochs and the two fundamental steps that led to modern science.  What is the scientific process really like? Several stories and amusing anecdotes provide illustrations.  Facets of modern science are explored – the exponential growth, big and small science, the support of science, science and society and the world created by science and technology. Will the current pace continue? Will we ever go backwards? What remains to be discovered? Can science ever be complete? What can we imagine for the future?



Prof. Peter Shaver – April 6, 2017 – The Rise of Science: Past, Present and Future