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Please pay for your social activities using the payment portal below.

Please pay by 13th of September

Payment Portal

Tuesday 24th September

Whale Watching

Date: 24th Sept, bus departs Pullman at 3 pm

Passengers: 60 – TOUR FULL

Cost: $ 68 per person

Tour duration: around 2 hrs (4 pm – 6 pm)

The whale watching boats (2 boats with 38 + 22 passengers) will depart from Port Geographe Marina (21 Spinnaker Boulevard) at 4 pm and will return to the Marina approx. 2 hours later (6 pm).

The bus will arrive back at the resort around 7 pm.

Wednesday 25th September

Ngilgi Cave Tour

Date: 25th Sept, bus departs Pullman at 2.45pm

Passengers: 33 (Cave + Cultural Experience), 26 (Cave only) – SPACES AVAILABLE

Cost: Ngilgi Cave + Cultural Experience $49 per person OR  Ngilgi Cave only $22.50 per person

Duration: 3 – 3.5 hours

The bus will arrive back at the resort around 6 – 6:30pm.

Cultural Experience to start at 3pm followed by the Cave Visit at around 4.30/4.45pm. Cave only group can enter the Cave from 3pm.