Postgraduate Scholarships

International students are encouraged to apply for an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) at Curtin University or The University of Western Australia, as well as a Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship or a Scholarship for International Research Fees (SIRF) at UWA.  

Australian applicants are encouraged to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award at either Curtin University or The University of Western Australia.   

For further information on other scholarships available to domestic and international students, see Curtin University Scholarships and The University of Western Australia Scholarships.

Descriptions of available projects are available at:

Please contact the researchers individually to discuss additional projects, or for further details.

Relevant dates and deadlines for scholarships and admissions at UWA are available at: and a scholarships FAQ at Curtin University is available at:

ICRAR International PhD Scholarship

ICRAR offers scholarships for students wishing to commence a PhD in astronomy, radio astronomy engineering or a related ICT area on a regular basis. There is no scholarship open for application at the moment, but previous information is archived below for reference to conditions, application requirements and other details as future scholarships are likely to be similar.

--Archived Past Scholarship Information--

ICRAR is was inviting applications for a PhD scholarship at the University of Western Australia.  Applications closed on February 22nd, 2013.

The scholarship is valued at AUD 30,000 pa with a possibility of a six-month extension. Students will need to enrol at the University of Western Australia. Tuition fees will be covered by UWA and are subject to a separate application process (which ICRAR will assist with).

Conditions of the ICRAR scholarship are:

  • International and national candidates
  • For national candidates, preference to those ineligible for APA awards will be given
  • Excellent undergraduate academic record (first class Honours or equivalent)
  • Minimum university language proficiency requirements
  • Undergraduate degree in physics, astrophysics, ICT or electronic engineering.
  • Excellent academic references

We do not provide for health insurance, visa costs or English language tests.

Applications should be sent following the guidelines on the scholarship advertisement by the closing date below.  You are required to nominate one or more research projects that interest you.

Example projects are:

  • Analysis of galaxies in the GAMA database
  • Radio astronomy and algorithms
  • Dark matter detection
  • Neutral hydrogen in galaxies
  • Dynamics and star-formation in galaxies
  • Galaxy evolution driven by mergers
  • Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation and structure growth
  • ASKAP, MWA observations
  • SKA studies

Further and more detailed descriptions of projects are available at (UWA).

Please contact the researchers individually to discuss additional projects, or for further details.

For the scholarship you will need to:

  • Provide a short statement describing your academic achievements, previous research projects and other relevant experience.
  • Provide an academic transcript
  • Provide contact details for two academic referees whom should provide a short email in support of the application by the deadline to
  • Nominate up to three projects that interest you (in priority order).

Applications needed to be received by February 22nd 2013.

ICRAR Postgraduate Scholarship in Radio Astronomy Engineering

Western Australia will be the home of major parts of the SKA radio telescope (, including SKA-low, a very large aperture array.  The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) at Curtin University has a major involvement in the project in collaboration with a number of international radio astronomy research institutes.

Applications are encouraged from students with an excellent academic record, good theoretical and hands on engineering skills, and a high level of personal initiative.  While high quality applications will be considered in any area of radio astronomy engineering, preference may be give to applicants with an interest in the design or application of low-frequency sparse aperture arrays.

This scholarship was open to both Australian and international students, and applications closed 28 Jan 2013.

For full details of the scholarship, and instructions for submitting applications, please see:

Undergraduate Scholarships

There are many scholarships, both need and merit based, for undergraduates at Curtin University and The University of Western Australia.   

Undergraduate students may also be interested in ICRAR's Summer Studentship Program.

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