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See Studentship Projects 2017 in the left navigation bar for project descriptions.
See Studentship Projects in the left navigation bar for project descriptions.

Additional Selection Information

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Including postgraduate study locations you're considering or have a place at. Maximum 200 words.
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Please include Operating Systems you're familiar with (OSX, Linux,Unix,Windows) and any programming languages you have experience in, including your level of fluency.Note: programming experience is not required for all projects, but it's really helpful for us to know your prior knowledge. Maximum 200 words.


Please upload a short CV/resume that includes your academic history and any relevant experience, knowledge or abilities.
Please upload an official academic transcript (as a PDF document or scanned images in a single file)
Award Conditions
  1. Applicants must be undergraduate students (preference will be given to 3rd year and above, including honours, but all currently enrolled students are welcome to apply).
  2. Internships will run for approximately 10 weeks of work during the period late November 2017 to February 2018, although dates for the internships are negotiable. Students are expected to start on the first day of the studentship program unless extenuating circumstances apply.
  3. The studentship is for up to $6,000 per student, paid in weekly instalments of $500 for the duration of the studentship, including over the two week Christmas break (10 weeks total work, 12 weeks total pay).
  4. Applicants from outside WA will receive a return flight to Perth from their home city, as well as up to 50% accommodation subsidy from ICRAR.
  5. There will be a mandatory one-week induction with the Pawsey Centre in the first week for most students.
  6. Students must be studying at an Australian or New Zealand educational institution and not have held an internship with ICRAR in the past.
  7. Students will write a final report and give an oral presentation on their work at the conclusion of the project. There may be other requirements which will be made clear to students throughout the program.
  8. Students will be expected to maintain a high level of attendance throughout the duration of the internship and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.