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ICRAR’s research students will be the future astronomers, engineers and data scientists working around the globe in a variety of fields.

We have a strong commitment to providing the best research training and an environment in which our talented students will thrive.

Mr Kamran Ali

Student - PhD

E: kamran.ali@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 4583

Thesis Title: Large-scale Structure of Universe

Mr Stephen Andrews

Student - PhD

E: stephen.andrews@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7754

Thesis Title: Measuring and Modelling the Extragalactic Background Light using the GAMA survey

Mr Wayne Arcus

Student - PhD

E: wayne.arcus@icrar.org

Thesis Title: TBC

Mrs Fiona Audcent-Ross

Student - PhD

E: fiona.audcent-ross@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1117

Thesis Title: Star Formation demographics in HI selected galaxies

Mr Toby Brown

Student - PhD

E: toby.brown@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7753

I am a Ph.D. student in my final year, working with Dr. Barbara Catinella and Dr. Luca Cortese at ICRAR, and A. Prof. Virginia Kilborn at Swinburne University, where my research focuses on the links between HI, galaxy properties and environment.

I’m also an avid science communicator and outreacher!

Thesis title: Revealing the Gas Cycle in Galaxies

Mr James Buchan

Student - PhD

E: james.buchan@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3268

Thesis Title: Photovoltaic-Battery Power Systems for the Square Kilometre Array Radio Telescope Considering Electromagnetic Compatibility Characterisation

Ms Kirsty Butler

Student - Masters

E: kirsty.butler@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 3295

Thesis Title: Angular Momentum of Dwarf Galaxies

Mr Andrew Butler

Student - PhD

E: andrew.butler@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7839

Thesis Title: Measuring AGN Feedback: Black Hole Kinetic Luminosity Outputs in the HERG and LERG Paradigm

Mr Rodrigo Canas

Student - PhD

E: rodrigo.canas@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7784

Thesis Title: TBC

Mr Qingxiang Chen

Student - PhD

E: qingxiang.chen@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7845

Thesis Title: TBC

Mr Geoff Duniam

Student - Masters

E: geoff.duniam@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7742

Thesis Title: Big Data Architecture in Radio Astronomy: The SkyNet and SKA

Mr Ahmed Elagali

Student - PhD

E: ahmed.elagali@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 3241

Thesis Title: The physical processes of star formation in galaxy collisions.

Mr David Gozzard

Student - PhD

E: david.gozzard@icrar.org

Thesis Title: Stabiliser transfer of time and frequency for space science applications

Mr Guido Granda

Student - PhD

E: guido.granda@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7775

Thesis Title: TBC

Miss Kate Harborne

Student - PhD

E: katherine.harborne@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1793

Beginning a PhD in computational astrophysics under the supervision of Chris Power and Aaron Robotham at the UWA node of ICRAR.

Mr David Herne

Student - PhD

E: david.herne@icrar.org

Thesis Title: The Australian Mid-latitude Continental Ionosphere with Respect to Low-frequency Radio Astronomy.

Mr Ronniy Joseph

Student - PhD

E: ronniy.joseph@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 1289

I’m in the first year of my PhD working with Dr. Cath Trott and Dr. Randall Wayth at ICRAR on calibration methods and non-traditional array design to enhance the EoR detection capabilities of next generation radio interferometers.

Thesis title: Probing the Epoch of Reionization with non-traditional hybrid arrays.

Ms Katharine Kelley

Student - PhD

E: katharine.kelley@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7880

Thesis Title: A Radio Astronomy search for Axionic Dark Matter

Mr Soheil Koushan

Student - PhD

E: soheil.koushan@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 4537

Thesis Title: Cluster finding, the Extra-galactic Background Light and High-redshift galaxies from the WAVES input catalogue

Ms Rebecca Lange

Student - PhD

E: rebecca.lange@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7756

Thesis Title: Understanding the physical growth of galaxies and their components over the past 5 billion years.

Mr Lincheng Li

Student - PhD

E: lincheng.li@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7756

Thesis Title:

Mr Hanson Ling

Student - Masters

E: hanson.ling@icrar.org

Thesis Title: TBC

Mr Boyang Liu

Student - PhD

E: boyang.liu@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1222

Thesis Title: TBC

Mr JT Malarecki

Student - PhD

E: jurektadek.malarecki@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1780

Thesis Title: Data Organisation and Data Interrogation in the SKA

Mr Sam McSweeney

Student - PhD

E: sam.mcsweeney@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9896

Thesis Title: Three-dimensional tomography of pulsar magnetospheres

Mr Scott Meyer

Student - PhD

E: scott.meyer@icrar.org

Thesis Title: Investigating the Tully-Fisher relation and galaxy kinematics through neutral Hydrogen spectral line stacking techniques

Mr Bradley Meyers

Student - PhD

E: bradley.meyers@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 9896

Thesis Title: Investigating the Links between Radio Pulsar Populations that
Display Intermittent Emission Phenomena at Low Frequencies

Mr Rhys Poulton

Student - PhD

E: rhys.poulton@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7752

Ms Hai-Hua Qiao

Student - PhD

E: haihua.qiao@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3268

Thesis Title: Accurate OH maser positions from SPLASH: Understanding the origins of OH masers with an unbiased survey

Mr Fei Qin

Student - PhD

E: fei.qin@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1370

Bulk Flow

Dr Paul Scott-Taylor

Student - PhD

E: paul.scott-taylor@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1127

Thesis Title: Advanced Computing of Simulated Galaxies in the SKA Era.

Mr Austin Shen

Student - Masters

E: austin.shen@icrar.org

P: 04 3259 9938

Thesis Title: Earth’s Tidal Energy Resource; from Geophysics to Astrophysics

Mr Hongquan Su

Student - PhD

E: hongquan.su@icrar.org

Thesis Title: Mapping the Galaxy in 3D using observations of HII region absorption with the MWA

Mrs Chenoa Tremblay

Student - PhD

E: chenoa.tremblay@icrar.org

Thesis Title: The First Spectral Line Survey of Orion and the Galactic Centre at 100-300 MHz

Mr Vlad Tudor

Student - PhD

E: vlad.tudor@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4505

Thesis Title: Characteristics, Prevalence and Distribution of Stellar-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters

Mr Ryan Urquhart

Student - PhD

E: ryan.urquhart@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4505

Thesis Title: Exploring regimes of super-Eddington accretion in black hole binaries

Mr Adam Watts

Student - Masters

E: adam.watts@icrar.org

Thesis Title: Main Sequence Luminosity Function Constraints on the IMF from HST Observations of Nearby Galaxies

Mr Alexander Williamson

Student - Masters

E: alexander.williamson@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 1793

Thesis Title: How Common are Large Streams of HI

Ms Mengyao Xue

Student - PhD

E: mengyao.xue@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4505

Thesis Title: Southern Pulsar Census and Polarimetric Studies with the MWA

Mr QingZeng Yan

Student - PhD

E: qingzeng.yan@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 3268

Thesis Title: 3-Dimensional Structure of Molecular Clouds in the Central Molecular Zone

Ms Xiang Zhang

Student - PhD

E: xiang.zhang@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4505

Thesis Title: Detection of radio emission from fireballs with the MWA