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ICRAR’s Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of ICRAR’s research, administration and outreach, education and communication programs.

Professor Peter Hall

Director, Engineering

E: peter.hall@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 7951

Professor Peter Hall received his PhD from the University of Tasmania and after academic roles at the University of Sydney, was attached to CSIRO’s Australia Telescope National Facility. His last role at CSIRO was as Leader of the organisation’s (and Australia’s) inaugural SKA program; he was also the author of the initial proposal to site the SKA in Australia. Peter is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (Australia) and holds the IREE Norman W.V. Hayes medal for original research.

Peter was appointed Professor of Radio Astronomy Engineering at Curtin University of Technology in June 2008 and ICRAR Deputy Director in 2009. His appointment followed a four-year term as the foundation International Project Engineer for the SKA, where he played leading roles in the development of an SKA Reference Design, the initial specification of the SKA, the framing of the international SKA system design project (PrepSKA), and the development of top-level industry engagement policy. Since coming to WA Peter has expanded these interests and applied his expertise to the realization of working SKA precursors and functional verification systems.

Professor Carole Jackson

Director, Science (Curtin)

E: carole.jackson@icrar.org

P: 08 9266 4908

Professor Jackson is an expert in extragalactic radio astronomy and technology research management, gained from working across industry and the research sector through her twenty-five year career. She is Director (science) at ICRAR-Curtin.

Professor Jackson completed her PhD in radio astronomy at Cambridge University after a first career in finance and engineering. Prior to joining Curtin she was the SKA Dish Array Technologies Leader at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science and has recently shared in the ASKAP team’s award of the CSIRO’s Chairman’s Medal.

Professor Jackson has a long association with the International Square Kilometre Array project (SKA), both in directing technology development and science planning. She has worked closely with WA and Commonwealth Government bodies to derive the business case for Australia’s involvement in the SKA and is currently a member of the strategic Australia-NZ SKA coordination committee and is Chair of the ANZSCC’s Science Advisory Committee.

Professor Peter Quinn

Executive Director

E: peter.quinn@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 4553

Professor Peter Quinn was born in Australia and received his BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Wollongong in 1978. He conducted graduate studies in astronomy and astrophysics at the Australian National University and received his PhD in 1982 with a thesis dissertation on dynamics of disk galaxy mergers.

Since then Peter has worked at the California Institute of Technology, the NASA Space Telescope Science Institute and the Data Management and Operations Division at the European Southern Observatory headquarters in Munich. In December 2005, Peter was awarded a Western Australian Premier’s Fellowship and took of the position of Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Western Australia in August 2006. He was appointed Director of ICRAR in 2009.

Dr Renu Sharma

Associate Director, Chief Operating Officer

E: renu.sharma@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7871

Dr Renu Sharma has held senior management positions at The University of Western Australia and has managed two large and complex schools since December 2002. She has also served as Equity and Diversity Advisor.

Her management responsibilities include strategic and operational planning, finance and human resource management, safety, health and risk management, marketing and promotion and supporting teaching, research and research training activities through a culture of continual improvement. In addition to her management experience in Australia, Renu has nearly two decades of experience working in the Science and Technology sector in India. Renu has a PhD in Nematology and has published one book, two national reports, eleven invited chapters in books, nine research articles in refereed journals and many presentations in seminars and symposia.

Professor Lister Staveley-Smith

Director, Science (UWA)

E: lister.staveley-smith@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 4550

Professor Lister Staveley-Smith completed his PhD in Radio Astronomy at the University of Manchester in 1985, before taking up a postdoctoral position there. From 1989, Lister was based at the Australia Telescope National Facility in Sydney. In 2006 he was appointed Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UWA and Premier’s Fellow at UWA. He was appointed Deputy Director of ICRAR in 2009, and ICRAR/UWA Science Director in 2014.

Through his research Lister is preparing the path for the next generation of telescopes and instruments such as the SKA and its precursors, the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA).

Professor Andreas Wicenec

Head, Data Intensive Astronomy

E: andreas.wicenec@icrar.org

P: 08 6488 7847

Professor Andreas Wicenec is a Research Professor and head of the Data Intensive Astronomy (DIA) program at ICRAR. Andreas is leading research efforts directed at the challenges of transmitting, storing and processing the enormous amounts of data generated from the radio telescope arrays being developed in Western Australia. He leads work on four main projects: (1) SKA Science Data Processor Data Layer design (2) Science Survey Support (3) High Performance Computing systems. Andreas previously worked at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) for 13 years, and was involved in the design and implementation of various parts of the ESO and ALMA science archive systems.