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Radio galaxies, powered by active super-massive black holes, are some of the largest and most powerful objects in the Universe. One of the most prominent features of radio galaxies is a pair of powerful relativistic outflows (jets) ejected in the opposite directions from the vicinity of the central black hole.The prominent jets are fed by a continuous supply of energy from the activity of the super-massive black hole, but once the activity stops, these features will disappear very quickly. Although every radio galaxy must go through the fading stage, only a few examples of true dying radio sources are currently known and even less have been studied in detail. In this project you will have the unique opportunity to study the broadband radio spectra of dying radio galaxies. You will calibrate and image new, ultra-deep radio observations from the Jansky Very Large Array and combine them with new radio images from the Murchison Widefield Array GLEAM radio survey to derive and interpret the spectral energy distributions of dying radio galaxies.

Observing dying or relic radio galaxies


Professor James Miller-Jones

Director, Science (Curtin)

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