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A Radio Astronomy Search for Axion Cold Dark Matter

Working with Peter QuinnLister Staveley-Smith and Ian McArthur my research focuses on the astrophysical search for axions.   Our work is multi-disciplinary in nature, bringing together Quantum Field Theory, Astrophysics and Radio Astronomy to provide insight into the requirements needed to undertake a viable search using radio telescopes.

Personal Profile

Prior to commencing my PhD I completed a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Glasgow and was employed for 10 years in professional services and with large multi-national organisations.  Having held a long standing interest in returning to research I gained the opportunity to join ICRAR in 2014 and returned with a view to marrying my love for theoretical physics with my experience and passion for working with people. Throughout my studies I have worked with Student Services providing workshops and advice on graduate employment and have sought to maintain my professional development.  Within ICRAR I am a student member of the Diversity and Equity Committee, organised the 2015 student day and was responsible for organising seminar lunches between students and international visitors.

ICRAR Statement

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