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Professor Carole Jackson was appointed General and Scientific Director at ASTRON in the Netherlands in early 2017.

Everyone at ICRAR congratulates Carole for her new position, and thanks her for her extensive work in Australia and WA towards the SKA and on ICRAR’s scientific goals as ICRAR-Curtin’s Science Director and WA Premier’s Fellow. All the best for your time in The Netherlands Carole!

Professor Carole Jackson FASA, FRAS, MAICD

Professor Jackson is an expert in extragalactic radio astronomy and technology research management, gained from working across industry and the research sector through her twenty-five year career. She is Director (science) at ICRAR-Curtin.

Professor Jackson completed her PhD in radio astronomy at Cambridge University after a first career in finance and engineering. Prior to joining Curtin she was the SKA Dish Array Technologies Leader at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science and has recently shared in the ASKAP team’s award of the CSIRO’s Chairman’s Medal.

Professor Jackson has a long association with the International Square Kilometre Array project (SKA), both in directing technology development and science planning. She has worked closely with WA and Commonwealth Government bodies to derive the business case for Australia’s involvement in the SKA and is currently a member of the strategic Australia-NZ SKA coordination committee and is Chair of the ANZSCC’s Science Advisory Committee.

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