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How to access the SPIRIT telescopes

The SPIRIT telescopes utilise a scheduling system. Bookings are not required for individual observations.

For Schools: please contact us using the booking form for guidance on gaining telescope access, training and education.

For Researchers: Please make contact with us for before scheduling new requests.

Refer to this technical description for specific information on each of the telescopes.

Step 1: A login is required to access all SPIRIT telescopes.

Step 2: Submit image requests using the SPIRIT Scheduler menu item. Refer to the SPIRIT Scheduler guide for instructions.

Step 3 (optional): Add your email address to your request using the Schedule Browser menu item referred to in the SPIRIT Scheduler guide if you wish to receive email alerts.

Downloading Images:
Individual images can be downloaded from the web interface. For larger numbers of images please use our FTP interface. Contact us for information on how to do this.

New users: Please keep total imaging time to 1 hour or less. For extended requirements please contact us.