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New: Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array

The SKA Organisation has announced the publication of Advancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre Array, describing the enormously broad science case for the SKA telescope. Totalling over 2000 pages long, this two-volume book, comprises 135 chapters written by 1,213 contributors from 31 nations.


Australian astronomers have made a huge contribution to this publication, co-authoring 53 of the 135 chapters.

“The new SKA Science Book is significant for the breadth of science it covers and the global nature of its contributions. The SKA will push into new and emerging areas of astrophysics, and the book highlights many areas that can only be addressed through high-sensitivity radio astronomy. Australia’s astrophysicists can feel incredibly proud of their involvement in this ambitious set of goals. With so many young astronomers amongst them, Australian astronomy certainly has a bright future.”

Prof Carole Jackson, ICRAR-Curtin University acting Science Director and Australia’s SKA Science Advisory Committee Chair.

“The new SKA Science Book is a great illustration of the excellent science that will be done by SKA. It’s very satisfying to have so many Australian astronomers as authors, and to see the cutting-edge science we expect from the innovative SKA1-Low instrument in Western Australia.”

Dr Sarah Pearce, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science Deputy Director, and Australia’s science representative on the SKA Board.

More details are available in the international SKA media release.

Image credit to the SKA Organisation.