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Star formation efficiency

Fiona Audcent-Ross – Constraining supernovae progenitors using radial analysis on HI-selected galaxies

Igor Chilingarian – Do central intermediate-mass black holes quench star formation in their host galaxies?

Carlos Espinosa – HII regions catalog from the observations of CALIFA survey

Yifei Jin – Modelling the Photoionised Region with Complex Geometry in Three-Dimension

Anishya Harshan – Electron density in different environments at redshift 1.6

Carlos Lopez-Coba – A systematic study of the outflows in the era of the IFS surveys: CALIFA & MUSE

Mahdieh Navabi – Star Formation History of Cassiopeia Dwarf galaxy(Andromeda VII)


The role of bulges on star formation

Hosein Hashemi – Emergence of bulges and disks in the Universe!

Preetish Mishra – Connecting galaxy bulges and star formation : the role of environment in formation of S0 galaxies


Star formation histories and projenitor bias

Jason Glenn – The Galaxy Evolution Probe:  A Mid to Far-Infrared Space Observatory Concept to Characterize the Cosmic History of Star Formation

Kirill Grishin – Star-formation histories of diffuse post-starburst galaxies in Coma and Abell 2147


Life in the transition region

Anton Afanasiev – Internal dynamics of Ultra-diffuse and Post-starburst galaxies in Coma cluster

Douglas Brambila – Star formation in Early-Type galaxies in the Coma cluster

Garima Chauhan – Effect of baryonic physics on the HI mass and velocity width distribution of the surveys

Boris Haeussler – Setting a local standard for Bulge/Disk parameters using GAMA-III

Emily Wisnioski – Compact star-forming galaxies, a stepping stone to quiescence?