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Project area/S

  • Data Intensive Astronomy
  • Translation and Impact

Project Details

One of ICRAR-UWAs successful translation and impact projects has been working with The Ocean Institute to provide corrections to The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for the North West Shelf. This project aims to take this approach and apply it to buoy data collected from the SW of Western Australia and predict the wave heights at Perth beaches.
Using buoys in the open ocean we will get 2D wave energy spectral data to predict the wave height at Perth beaches

Student Attributes

Academic Background


Computing Skills
Python, Linux – Mandatory

Training Requirement
Pawsey HPC, Machine Learning

Project Timeline

  • Week 1 Inductions and project introduction
  • Week 2 Initial presentation
  • Week 3 Data Investigation looking at real wave buoy data
  • Week 4 Data Investigation looking at real wave buoy data
  • Week 5 Develop/test approach
  • Week 6 Develop/test approach
  • Week 7 Test and evaluate
  • Week 8 Prepare report
  • Week 9 Final presentation
  • Week 10 Final report

Additional Supervisor

  • Jeff Hansen, UWA