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ProSpect is a new galaxy spectral energy distribution code written by ICRAR-UWA faculty Aaron Robotham (see https://prospect.icrar.org and https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2020MNRAS.495..905R/abstract). It aims to produce the electromagnetic output of galaxies from the far-UV through to the far-IR, accounting for variation in star formation history, dust attenuation and re-emission (see Figure 1 below). It is being widely used in large galaxy surveys coordinated at ICRAR-UWA (GAMA, DEVILS and WAVES), where we are realistically inferring the star formation histories of large samples of galaxies for the first time.

Figure 1: Schematic view of how ProSpect attempts to re-create the light output of a galaxy.

This project aims to extend ProSpect into new electromagnetic and astrophysical domains: X-ray and radio coverage; and proper modelling of active galactic nuclei respectively (see Figure 2 below). This will require advanced computational skills, and a deep understanding of the key astrophysical processes that dominate the light output of galaxies across the full spectrum. The ambition is to combine this new modelling software with cutting edge data being collected in the GAMA and DEVILS (and longer term WAVES) survey fields. This project will combine sophisticated statistical techniques, professional software development and new theory. It will suit the broadly skilled and curious student, where any successful applicant will finish the project trained in a number of highly transferable skills.

Figure 2: Example of simple AGN model used in ProSpect. In this project we will develop a more sophisticated and physical model.