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“I like working with this mixture of astronomy and IT, and being able to contribute to the SKA is really exciting.” – Professor Andreas Wicenec

All science activities are critically dependent on data, either collected by telescopes and instruments or produced during hundreds of thousands of CPU hours simulation runs.

The amount of data produced is growing faster than the capabilities to comprehend all the results typically available to an individual scientist, an institution or even a whole university. In the case of the SKA the expected data rate and processing demand is so high that it will require a truly global effort to tackle the challenges.

Our Data Intensive Astronomy team here at ICRAR is deeply involved in the design and architecture of the future SKA data system, but we are also supporting the various science teams in their endeavour to extract the best science out of their current data streams. Projects offered tie in very closely with the SKA challenges, but also with the challenges of the other research groups. The projects cover both computer science and data management topics, but also astronomy related algorithmic, visualisation and data analysis topics.