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Cosmological Physics

Credit 0.125 EFTSL
ICRAR Node University of Western Australia
Unit Code Enrol at UWA in PHYS4418
Offering Semester 2
UWA Handbook PHYS4418 for the most up-to-date information
Content This unit provides a quantitative overview of physical cosmology and structure formation. Topics covered include: the Einstein and Friedmann equations; the early universe (inflation and the linear growth of structure); cosmological parameters and their impact on expansion history; the cosmic microwave background and transfer functions; dark matter and dark energy; large-scale structure. Additional topics focus on structure formation in the non-linear regime: non-linear collapse; relaxation processes; the Extended Press-Schechter theory – halo mass functions and merger trees; the galaxy-dark matter halo connection; the rudiments of galaxy formation.
Learning Outcomes
Assessment Indicative assessments in this unit are as follows:

  1. quizzes
  2. assignments
  3. exam

Further information will be  available in the unit outline.

Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit.

Unit Coordinator(s)
  1. Cosmology: Chris Power
  2. Galaxy-Formation Theory: Aaron Ludlow