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“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”

– Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter


Hello! I am Manasvee Saraf, a first-year PhD student, jointly-funded by ICRARUWA and CSIRO.  

I first arrived in Australia in March of 2021, amid the pandemic! I am originally from Mumbai, India where I completed my schooling before moving to London, UK for my undergraduate degree.

My research interests are in the areas of extragalactic astrophysics and cosmology and my skills and experience are central to analysing observational data and outreach. I am particularly interested in topics such as the expansion history of the universe, morphology, distribution and evolution of galaxies and quality control of galaxian surveys.

My working hours are 10am to 6pm AWST.


The goal of my PhD is to study the evolution and star formation histories of galaxies that live in clusters by studying the radio continuum and neutral hydrogen (HI) properties of galaxies in the Norma Cluster.

I plan to study the effects of the cluster environment on the star formation and evolution properties of cluster galaxies. In particular, how ram pressure stripping, tidal harassment and the presence of several large radio galaxies affect the evolution of different galaxies within the cluster. 

I am currently investigating the HI properties in the Norma Cluster using mosaicked observations from the ATCA. This is in preparation of analysing the pilot Norma data from the ASKAP WALLABY survey.  I hope to eventually work with data from the full WALLABY survey.

My research is supervised by Ivy Wong, Luca Cortese and Lister Staveley-Smith.

I am a part of the SU1 (Local Universe) group at ICRAR and an active member of ASTRO 3D and the ASA.


In 2020, I graduated with First Class Honours from University College London (UCL) with a Master in Science, Astrophysics degree. My Masters project, under supervision of Benjamin Joachimi at UCL, was to construct the luminosity function of over a million galaxies from the KiDS galactic survey, the code for which can be found on my GitHub.

During my four years in London, I have also gained research experience in the fields of planetary science and stellar astrophysics, working on making and analysing photometric and spectrographic observations. I am proficient in Python and Java with some experience in IDL and C.

I was granted the Royal Astronomical Society’s Undergraduate Summer Bursary for a summer project, supervised by Raman Prinja, that focused on constraining the nature of small-scale clumping in a B-star’s wind.

I have also attended the Particle and Astroparticle physics Summer School (GraSPA 2019) under the recommendation of Amelie Saintonge.


I was a tutor for 3 years with the ORBYTS Programme, through which I taught programming in Python to 20 high-school students per year, covering code necessary to extract physical quantities from observations of exoplanetary transits. This citizen science project led to a publication in the year 2020.


Edwards, Changeat, Yip, Tsiaras, Taylor, Akhtar, AlDaghir, Bhattarai, Bhudia, Cha- pagai, Huang, Kabir, Khag, Khaliq, Khatri, Kneth, Kothari, Najmudin, Panchalingam, Patel, Premachandran, Qayyum, Rana, Shaikh, Syed, Theti, Zaidani, Saraf et al., “Original Research by Young Twinkle Students (ORBYTS): Ephemeris Refinement of Transiting Exoplanets”. Submitted to: MNRAS


I have been in several leadership roles, including founding and running the UCL Astrophysics Society and being the Astrophysics Student Academic Representative at UCL for three consecutive years. I have a passion for improving the student/workplace experience.

I am proficient at producing videos, a hobby that I pursued as a career before my undergraduate degree. I aim to encourage participation in the scientific community through my videos one day.

I am an avid traveller since I enjoy interacting with people from different cultures and documenting my experiences. I have visited 19 countries and I plan to explore more.

I am fluent in English and Hindi and I have intermediate experience with French.

Lastly, I believe yoga is great nutrition to your mind, body and soul, cooking and crafts  are the best ways to unwind and dressing-up is a form of expression.


GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter: @ManasveeSaraf

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