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Meet the team of science communicators working in ICRAR Outreach and Education

Gregory Rowbotham; Education and Outreach Coordinator

Greg designs, organises and delivers ICRAR’s Education and Outreach programs with the help of the Outreach team and other ICRAR researchers. He is also the coordinator of Perth Astrofest.

For any enquiries about school incursions, community events, or ICRAR’s work experience program please contact me at education@icrar.org.

Cass Rowles; Digital Content Coordinator

Cass is an experienced science communicator who conducts videography, photography, social media, and public engagement for ICRAR, as well as maintaining this website.

Melissa Van Dam; SPIRIT Coordinator

Melissa has a decade of experience in education, having a Bachelor of Education from Murdoch University. She now coordinates the SPIRIT program, giving high schools access to research-grade telescopes in order to promote STEM skills and careers in the Astronomy field.

If you are interested in utilising SPIRIT in your school contact spirit@icrar.org.

Pete Wheeler; Manager — Communications, Education and Outreach

Pete is the head of ICRAR’s Communications, Education and Outreach team and is responsible for driving the strategic communications needs of one the world’s leading radio astronomy research institutes. He manages a team of high-performing individuals who support 200 researchers, engineers, and PhD candidates; coordinate communications; guide media engagement; and delivering community-based outreach events and education programs.

Contact the Outreach Team

Any of our astronomy activities and education opportunities can be arranged by contacting the ICRAR Outreach and Education team through education@icrar.org.