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Project lead: Prof Cathryn Trott

Current project members: Assoc. Prof. Randall Wayth, Dr Ridhima Nunhokee, Mr Jaiden Cook, Dr Nichole Barry, Ms Aishwarya Selvaraj, Mr Himanshu Tiwari, Dr Anshu Gupta, Mr Ravi Jaiswar, Mx Dev Null

Past members: Dr Mahavir Sharma (IIT Bhilai), Dr Steven Murray (ASU), Dr Ronniy Joseph (McGill), Dr Bella Nasirudin (SNS Pisa), Dr Christene Lynch (UNC), Dr Mike Kriele (ICRAR-UWA), Dr Ben McKinley (Australian Government), Dr Chris Jordan (WA State Govt), Dr Jack Line, Dr Kariuki Chege (Kapteyn), Ms Teresa Slaven-Blair


The Epoch of Reionisation project explores the first billion years of the Universe, as probed through the redshifted emission line of neutral hydrogen gas. Studying the spatial and temperature distribution of the neutral hydrogen gas between the first galaxies provides key insights into the growth of structure at the Cosmic Dawn, and the first sources of ionising radiation in the Universe. We are exploring this signal with the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), and future Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

Two different possible evolutionary paths of neutral gas in the Universe. These paths are being probed by low-frequency radio telescopes, such as the Murchison Widefield Array. Image courtesy of Andrei Mesinger (SNS, Italy).

EoR Group 2024

Student projects are available in the following areas: data processing, statistical algorithm development, foreground modelling, instrument design.

Student Projects