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The Power of Prediction: The 2024 Harley Wood Lecture

Date: 24/06/2024


Monday June 24, 2024

Clews Lecture Theatre, The University of Western Australia


Join the Astronomical Society of Australia for an evening of discoveries in time and space at the 2024 Harley Wood annual public lecture!

This year’s lecture will be given by Professor David Blair of the University of Western Australia, on The Power of Prediction – How Einstein’s astonishing predictions gave us a new universe full of gravitational waves, black holes and neutron stars.

Professor Blair is a gravitational wave physicist who has spent more than 4 decades developing methods for the detection of gravitational waves. During the 1990s he set up the Gingin gravitational wave research centre, which researched techniques which were implemented in the LIGO gravitational wave detectors that eventually detected gravitational waves in 2015. He is a founding member of the OzGrav Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery.

The Harley Wood Lecture was inaugurated in 1984 as an annual event in honour of the first President of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA).

This event is free, but spaces are limited, so registration is essential to ensure you don’t miss out.


Brought to you by The Astronomical Society of Australia, ICRAR and CSIRO.


Address: Clews Lecture Theatre, Fairway, Crawley WA, Australia