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The Little Prince Astronomy Workshop

Date: 03/11/2017

For kids:

“I love listening to stars at night. It sounds like a hundred million bells” says the little prince.
The little prince has a point. Our Universe is anything but a quiet place… And although we cannot hear them, stars and planets have many ways to communicate with us and tell us about their lives!
Embark on an interstellar journey with the Little Prince to discover our galaxy, the Sun (our local star), the planets of our solar system and how they were born…

For parents:

Join us for a 30 minutes interactive FREE workshop to explore our solar system, prior to the performance of the Little Prince by the Perth French Theatre!
The lecturer will take kids on a tour around a three-dimensional reproduction of our solar system on an incredible journey to get to know the Sun and the amazing planets that live in our neighbourhood. Stopping at each planet, kids will learn about them while marveling at high quality prints of planets, moons, nebulae and supernovae from the NASA Images Database. They will discover the differences between Saturn and Uranus, or Mars and Mercury, but also explore their rings and moons, and unravel what they are made of. Eventually, they will find out how planets were formed and what makes the Earth so special.
Throughout the workshop, kids will be encouraged to answer quizzes and ask questions to the lecturer.
The tour will be available in French and in English.
Suits ages 6 to 15.

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WOrkshop Times:

3rd November, 12:25pm
3rd November, 6:25pm
4th November, 6:25pm


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About the play

‘The Little Prince’ tells the story of a pilot meeting his inner child, in the form of a little prince. Coming from an asteroid, the Little Prince left ‘Rose’, his beloved flower, to discover the world.

Before visiting the Earth, he visited other planets whose inhabitants, all grown-ups, personify the faults of men. When a fox tells him that what’s essential is invisible to the eye and that we are forever responsible for who we have tamed , the Little Prince leaves to go back to his Rose.

The Little Prince is a philosophical story that inspires people with its core values. It has been transmitted and shared from generation to generation for over 70 years. As a creator of bounds between generations, people and continents, the Little Prince is also an icon of sustainable development, an actor of peace in the world, and a defender of childhood rights.


Address: Subiaco Arts Centre, Hamersley Road, Subiaco, Western Australia, Australia