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Gerhardt MeurerEver wondered what an astronomer does when they’re on a plane? Wednesday the 21st of April was the World-Wide Day in Science where scientists around the globe write about the highlight of their day.

Aimed at encouraging young people to consider a career in science, the World-Wide Day in Science sees hundreds of participants each year.  This year ICRAR astronomer Gerhardt Meurer joined their ranks, telling us about his day spent on the plane.

Professor Meurer’s work focuses on galaxies and how they have changed (or “evolved”) since they first formed billions of years ago.  On the 21st of April Prof Meurer may have been stuck flying back to Perth from the US, but he still managed to fit in some science.

Read about Professor Meurer’s day on a plane, including pictures of galaxies, or learn more about the World-Wide Day in Science.