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Information on visiting Perth and ICRAR can be found on the visitors page (there is no need to fill out a visitors form for attendance at this retreat).

Local accommodation options

 The closest lodging to UWA can be found in in surrounding residential colleges:

The University also owns 10 short-stay apartments which are available as visitor accommodation.

Alternatively, there are plenty of accommodation options in the Perth CBD (~5km from UWA), or via hotel deal websites.

Local transportation:

Buses run from Perth airport to the city busport and some hubs along the way. Regular buses (every 5-10 mins) go from the city centre to UWA and will take 10-20 mins.

A taxi from Perth airport to UWA or the city will be about ~$50-$60.

Ride-share operators such as Uber, Lyft and Shofer also offer alternative options to taxis or car rental.

Perth has a good bus and train network. Fares are paid via the electronic “Smartrider” card system or via paying cash at selected ticket vending machines or directly to the driver on buses. Although drivers take cash and give change, it is advisable to have the correct or approximately correct money for the fare. If you plan to use public transport a lot during your visit then getting a Smartrider card at one of the info centres is advisable.