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ICRARcon 2023 will be held at the Perth Convention Centre on the 20th and 21st of June, see the logistics page for more details.


*Guided collaboration activity


This session is designed to make the most of the fact we will have a significant fraction of the WA astronomical community in one room. As we will be meeting a lot of new people and seeing the different science, engineering, and activities that we do, we want to maintain these connections as effectively as possible.

The session will be split into three parts:

  • Part 1:  Building collaborative science & engineering
  • Part 2: Maintaining connected astronomy
  • Part 3: The future: WA as a leader in astronomy

The audience will discuss questions within each section among their tables before we feed back our ideas to the room and discuss. Afterwards, all table ideas will be collected, regardless of whether they were shared in the room.

Feel free to start brainstorming ideas before the event!


^ICRAR’s future panel discussion

The panel members for this session will be

  • Steven Tingay
  • Lister Staveley-Smith
  • Renu Sharma

We have intentionally kept the panel small to encourage contributions and questions from the room. We will also have the ability to submit questions throughout the event via a whiteboard with sticky notes.