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The world’s biggest telescope, the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), will be the hot topic of discussion for a joint Italian-Australian meeting held in Perth this week.

The meeting will bring together top Italian and Australian astronomers to discuss some of humanity’s biggest questions about the Universe:

  • How did the first stars and galaxies form?
  • Were Einstein’s theories correct?
  • What is the nature of newly discovered gravitational waves?
  • Are we alone in the Universe?

The SKA telescope is currently being designed by scientists and engineers in Italy, Australia and eight other countries to tackle these burning questions. Construction is due to begin in Australia and South Africa in 2018.

Named in honour of prominent 19th century Italian-Australian astronomer Pietro Baracchi, this week’s meeting is also a celebration of the two countries’ growing connections in radio astronomy.

What:            The First Pietro Baracchi Conference: Italo-Australian Radio Astronomy in the Era of the SKA

When:           Tuesday 1 November – Friday 4 November (9.00 am start daily)

Where:          Australian Resources Research Centre (ARRC), 26 Dick Perry Avenue, Kensington WA 6152

URL:              www.atnf.csiro.au/research/conferences/2016/Baracchi/

Hashtag:       #Baracchi16


Sponsors: The Embassy of Italy in Australia, SKA Australia, CSIRO, ICRAR (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research), Curtin University and INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica).



Dr George Heald, CSIRO Perth Astrophysics Team Leader
M: +61 450 410 220

Mr David Luchetti, Australian SKA Project Director
M: +61 411 021 135

Prof Steven Tingay, Director, INAF Radio Astronomy Observatory
T: +39 51 639 9400 E: stingay@ira.inaf.it

Associate Professor Randall Wayth, Senior Research Fellow, ICRAR/Curtin
T: +61 8 9266 9247 M: +61 418 282 359

Prof Oscar Moze, Science Attaché, Embassy of Italy
T: +61 2 6273 3598 M: +61 439 459 329


Media assistance:

Ms Mikayla Keen (CSIRO)
T: +61 2 9490 8448 M: +61 401 488 562 E: Mikayla.Keen@csiro.au