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The panel of 'profs' and Scitech's Astronomical Awesomeness Profs and Pints event.

The panel of ‘profs’ and Scitech’s Astronomical Awesomeness Profs and Pints event.

ICRAR Astronomer Dr Megan Argo was one of the profs invited to participate in Scitech’s ‘Profs and Pints’ astronomy night – Astronomical Awesomeness last week.

The question was ‘Why do we ask why?’ and each panel member spoke briefly and then participated in a discussion with the 130 strong audience.

Topics throughout the evening ranged from why Australia needs a space agency, to the mathematics of space. Somewhat animated discussion resulted when one ‘prof’ suggested human’s didn’t belong in space and we shouldn’t be sending them there.

During discussion, the role of communication to the public in science was addressed, as well as what each panel member would do if they had 100 million dollars to spend on astronomy in Australia.

Profs and Pints was a series of four evenings, each on a different area within science.