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Please record any allocations of telescope time, supercomputer time, and staff support time (such as ADACS allocations) in the last financial year (July 1 – June 30) in the form below.

If you have received multiple allocations, please fill out the form once for each allocation.

Please note we are now also recording any issues you encountered in using these time allocations. If you encountered issues this year with time awarded in previous years, please contact Rocky (rockwell.mcgellin@icrar.org) to have this manually noted in the results.

If you encounter any issues with the form, please reach out to Rocky (rockwell.mcgellin@icrar.org). If you have any questions about the survey or reporting process, please contact [TBC].


Please indicate if this time is in units other than hours.
Did you have any problems using all or part of this time? (e.g. technical issues, facility downtime, scheduling problems)
Be as specific as possible – e.g. time lost, reasons given, any action taken/tickets submitted.
Is there anything else you'd like noted about this allocation?