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In line with ICRAR’s intent to operate as sustainably as possible, ICRAR-UWA has appointed 3 of its staff as “sustainability officers”.  Covering ICRAR’s diverse range of employees from scientists, software engineers, and administrators, our sustainability officers are tasked with monitoring existing efforts and recommending new ways in which ICRAR can reduce its carbon footprint and maintain a sustainable workplace.  Our officers are the first point of contact for ICRAR staff for sustainability matters.  They meet on a semi-regular basis to formalise recommendations that are taken directly to the ICRAR executive team.  ICRAR’s UWA sustainability officers are: Dr. Adam Stevens (chair), Lisa Randell, and Rodrigo Tobar.


ICRAR staff are additionally involved in the sustainability committee of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA).  National coordination for sustainability efforts is essential, due to the widely collaborative nature of astronomy.  Using the white paper from the mid-term review of the decadal of Australian astronomy as a base, the committee will direct advice to the national astronomical community on reducing carbon emissions and improving sustainability.  ICRAR has sustainability committee members from both nodes, including Dr. Clancy James (co-chair), Dr. Natasha Hurley-Walker, and Dr. Adam Stevens.

More about sustainability at ICRAR

ICRAR-Curtin's ASA Sustainability Committee Members

Dr Natasha Hurley-Walker

Senior Lecturer

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Dr Clancy James

Senior Research Fellow

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Dr Nichole Barry

(Forrest Fellow) Lecturer

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