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12 Sept 2019


ICRAR Science Visitors are funded by one or both ICRAR nodes for a minimum stay of one week. Longer visits are encouraged. The Science Visitor may be a scientist or engineer at any level, with a preference for senior visitors who will interact with multiple staff members. Visits to both ICRAR nodes and involving more than one program are strongly encouraged. The Science Visitor must be nominated and hosted by an ICRAR staff member. Shorter, seminar-only visits are excluded from this scheme – these are handled by the node seminar organizers and funded by the relevant program.


Science Visitors will normally be funded by the relevant programme budget (Science@Curtin or UWA, DIA, Engineering). If approved, funds will be used to book travel and/or accommodation-related expenses, or can be released when relevant receipts are received. There is no honorarium component. As the Science Visitor budget is limited, it is NOT expected that funds will fully cover a visit, so Science Visitors are strongly encouraged to seek additional funds from elsewhere. Typical funding levels are A$1k per week, with a maximum of A$3k (longer visits are however encouraged if fully funded). Funding is competitive, so not guaranteed.

Call for Nominations

A call for Science Visitor nominations will be made twice per year, in March and September. Nominators should ask prospective Science visitors to complete the application form by the deadline. Program directors may reserve funding for ad hoc visitor support at their discretion.


The relevant program director(s) will oversee the assessment of applications according to how well the visit aligns with ICRAR and program priorities. The COO will report at regular intervals on the gender and diversity balance of Science Visitors.

Visitor Support

Science visitors will be provided with office space, internet, library access, and local computational resources. Loan computers/screens/keyboards may be available on request.


Science Visitors will be expected to follow all ICRAR and university node policies, including the Code of Conduct. They are encouraged to give a seminar at both ICRAR nodes and to participate in other ICRAR meetings, seminars and activities. It is requested that publications and results produced as part of a Science Visitor’s time acknowledge ICRAR support, or include an ICRAR byline (and follow the relevant ICRAR or university node publication policies).