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I’m a senior research fellow at ICRAR UWA. I graduated with my PhD from the University of British Columbia in 2015 , working with Prof. Douglas Scott and Jasper Wall. From there I worked as a postdoctoral research fellow with Prof. Bryan Gaensler at the Dunlap Institute in Toronto Canada. Then I was a Bolton Fellow at CSIRO Space & Astronomy from 2018-2021.

In broad terms my work involves statistically characterising faint radio emission: what sources make up the faint emission; how many are there; what kind are they; what are their properties; and how have they evolved? Cosmic magnetism and the faint extragalactic radio sky are areas with many unanswered questions. My research works to address some of these important questions in cosmology and radio astronomy, utilising the next generation of radio telescopes and their deep surveys including ASKAP, the MWA, LOFAR, the VLA, and eventually the SKA, with a focus on continuum and polarisation data/surveys.


Expertise/Interests: Extragalactic radio sources, properties and statistics, particularly in the μJy and sub- μJy ranges; source confusion; galaxy evolution; large-scale structure; the cosmic radio background; the synchrotron cosmic web; cosmic magnetism; high-redshift source properties; radio surveys; astrostatistics; machine learning; data visualisation methods

Keen to supervise students with projects at honours, masters, and PhD levels. Please feel free to get in contact

Surveys/Collaborations: ASKAP EMU (Project Scientist); ASKAP POSSUM (science team co-lead); MWA GLEAMX; LOFAR Magnetism Key Science Project; SKA Pathfinders Radio Continuum Surveys working group (SPARCS, Chair)

PhD: University of British Columbia (2015)

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